Will this fatigue ever go away?

I have just registered on this forum today, and was so interested to read your thread about ongoing fatigue.

Chemo and radio for PBC is eighteen months behind me, but my fatigue continues.  It is not as relentless as it was when I was undergoing chemo, but nevertheless it still comes and goes regularly, and when it happens, I have no option but to lie down for a short sleep, and even on ‘good’ days, I have to pace myself very carefully, and can no longer cope with the jam-packed days I had before my diagnosis.  A day trip out means I am ‘wiped out’ the next day, and possibly the day after that, too.

I would love to go on  city break abroad somewhere, but I know that I am still not robust enough to be able to enjoy it.

I have recently taken voluntary redundancy from my job as a high school teacher, because my levels of energy are no longer what is needed to cope effectively in the teaching profession.   Chemo brain still effects my ability to be as sharp as I was before treatment, which is frustrating for someone in their early fifties, but I have had to accept that I am really not the same person I was before!

However, I am just so grateful to still be here, so this is certainly not a moan.  I guess it is a matter of adjusting to a different, quieter life for the present, and hope that the fatigue will eventually go away!

Can I just say a huge thank you to all of you ladies posting on this thread! I am 6 months post surgery & 3 months post rads and am still finding myself wiped out most days. I am on a hormone treatment break as I had a bad reaction to Anastrazole and have also had complications with a haematoma. However I had no idea I would continue to feel so drained post treatment and have yet to get back to work. All your comments give me hope that remaining positive & pacing myself, taking gentle exercise & a healthy diet will - eventually - help me to re- establish a ’ new normal’. It is hard not to feel disheartened when used to a busy & hectic lifestyle when the simplest of activities drains the power pack. - great expression Dogmad84! - but it comforts me to know that I am not alone and that things will improve given sufficient time. Thanx everyone. Will raise a glass of wine to you this evening - only a small one * winks at screen* ?

Sunny I had the same thing recently. Started trying to do too much - just normal things as I was feeling a little better on treatment break - but ended up in bed like you for three days. Couldn’t stay awake - just kept falling asleep, dizzy when I stood up and very wobbly. Am now pacing myself carefully as don’t want to feel like that again. Breast cancer nurse said I should see GP as it didn’t seem cancer related (!) and GP said not unreasonable reaction to all the treatment.
Fatigue is definitely the worst part of all this as its so hard to explain to other people and makes you feel like such a wuss when you are constantly drained. If it wasn’t for the shared experiences of everyone here… It helps to know that this is part of recovery and that eventually things will get better. X

Hmm, I was doing fine, had my weeks of having a sleep each day, or having a rest, or just the occasional morning in bed, and then found myself with more work and no time and thinking I was ok, no longer needing the same rests etc. Well I am feeling it now again and need to figure what I can stop doing as the odd morning in bed sounds really helpful. Trouble is that several months after chemo and looking healthy means that people assume I will have the stamina to handle things and no longer say no.

Hello Ladies,


This is a very interesting thread. I had MX Two years ago full Lymph Clearance, Chemo and Rads, Then a Second MX a year ago. Itake Tamoxofen now, I worked part time, Breakfast and Lunch, I am a chef, but did not do the evenings. I went back to work In November last year, but found the days too hard going and reduced to 3 days a week. I have just started back “Full Time” This means a 12 to 13 hour day every day 5 days a week, I long for my days off, It is a dillema, Love my job , hate being on the breadline while still working hard ie: doing the 3 days a week, but feel I owe it to myself to NOT get exhausted, one of the hardest things I find is getting a work life balance.

I really feel I only have half the energy I used to have, it is the evening shift that is the killer. How much is too much and I hate the feeling I have that I have a window of health and do not want to waste it working but long for normality.

Sorry for the confusion in this post but really feel torn.

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