Will 'un-healed' wound delay radiotherapy?

I am due to begin radiotherapy on 25th March (3 days from now). I had mastectomy with lat flap recon on 3rd Feb.The scars have healed well generally except for one troublesome area on my breast scar. It had started to heal but the surgeon snipped off part of a stitch which was causing irritation and it has just got worse since then. It isn’t infected and I have had my BCN look at it regularly. She says it will heal and I need to be patient. I can accept this except that I am worried it will delay my rads. It is approx 1 cm x 1/2 cm oval and is weeping. I am using Mepore dressings and changing about three times daily. Has anyone had this situation? Did it delay rads?

Hi Springheel

I had an infection and now a haematoma.  The nurses told me my wound had to be fully healed before my rads can start as the wound can ‘break down’ if not healed properly. It must be so frustrating if you’re all prepared and ready to go.


let me know what they say about yours as this is driving me up the wall. 


Take care




It took 3 months for my lumpectomy scar to heal properly and was weeping until then.  However, they said it was OK to go ahead with 17 sessions of radiotherapy.  Just for my own peace of mind, I put a small plaster over the area.  Radiologists said it wouldn’t minimise the effects of the radiotherapy.  Hope all goes well for you.