hi is there any body in the wiltshire area wanting to meet up iam in my 30`s with 3 boys aged 10,8,17months wanting to meet anyone who is going through the same i was told xmas eve i had breast cancer ive had my first op on the 21st of jan and iam now having my 2nd one the 23rd feb wle then first appointment for oncolagy 15 march so would like to meet someone in my area i can talk to

Hi Amanda,

where in wiltshire are you ?


We have a support group in Swindon, I have three boys 9, 11 and one at uni, I finished Chemo last summer. If you like to have further info please send a pm! X

Hi Amanda,
Sorry to welcome you to the club no-one really wanted to join, I don’t know if this is your first post but have a look around the forums or phone the help line for a chat to a BCC advisor too.
Which end of Wiltshire are you? There is a group of us covering Hampshire, Wiltshire & Dorset who are aiming to meet in Romsey and the thread is in the same thread as yours called “Southern BA coffee / meet up”.
Have a look and see what you think. Otherwise there is a group called STARS who are based in the same area but may be a bit younger.
Take care
Love from
Helen xx