Wind, constipation and diarrhoea

Hiya, just had my second chemo a week again and wow I have never had stomach pain and cramps like it in my life. I was constipated (addressed now with laxido) and then diarrhoea but the worst has been the cramps since and before. I now have what I imagine is trapped wind by my diaphragm and if I lay in my side it’s super painful. Has anyone experienced this ? And any ideas of how not to feel like this after the next Chemo? Xxx 


 i know exactly what you mean. I was taking garden of life probiotics, gastrisoothe(made with aloe vera) and boots wind relieve tablets. I was also told to take imodium (2 of them) when i need. i took Andrews Salts for constipation,  i prefer it to laxido, as it gave me a lot of wind.

I was on EC chemoterapy.

i think probiotics made a massive difference on the last two cycles i was  almost fine…

take care