I’d have added a “blushing” emoticon if they were available ;o)

Anyone else on FEC experiencing really bad WIND?

I have always suffered with it to a certain extent and I put it down to the amount of fresh veg in my diet and especially things like Onions really set me off, however I am sure it is much worse since I started chemo.

I don’t care when I’m on my own but I hate it when my boyfriend is staying over. The other night I could not be bothered to get up and leave the room cos I was so warm and comfy and the bathroom’s freezing, so I just let rip but it was much louder and longer than I had expected and I KNOW he heard although he is far too polite to say anything. It was the sort of fart that I would have been proud of if I had been a bloke but me and him have always tried to maintain a certain amount of mystique :frowning:

Sorry if TMI

I did FEC & Tax last year, can’t remember now which one gave me wind, but it was quite bad at times! Like you, it seemed to get worse at night when in bed. But it stopped after the chemo finished, if that’s any comfort.

Thanks! I think it’s worse in bed because you’re lying down and everything’s straightened up as opposed to in the daytime when you’re scrunched up at your desk or in the car. My best ones are in the morning, I am sure my upstairs neighbour can hear them but tough.

not had chemo but did find that post-surgery and whilst settling into medication I got a little extrea wind … the way I look at it whoever is around should be grateful that I am alive enuff to fart.

Hi, I’m on my third FEC and terrible wind! Good job I am single, only my fourteen year old son here. I have always suffered too but it’s really bad at the mo. Will rename the treatment “Schemo” !!

Liz x

Mine comes out the top end, ALL the time, but I spose belching is better than bottom burps!

Louise x

Try and say “archbishop of cantebury” all in one burp for the top prize.

I actually enjoy farting just not in front of other people especially my boyfriend I want him to think I’m a laydee!

Yes I know all about this one, so does other half, Im auditioning for a whole brass section of a very large orchestra most of the time, and its uncontrollable and often in public places. Im nearing 6th fec.

Im talking especially about bottom squeaks.

Julie xxx

Ha Ha Ha that’s sooo funny! What is it about toilet humour that makes me laugh so much?

I thought I was the only one who had this embarrassing problem!

I normally try to keep them to myself but just have to share these! They last so long when they do come. My daughter can’t believe me and my poor husband doesn’t say a word.

I think we should have a competition to see who can make them last the longest. Bet I win.

… the looks you get in the supermarket …

i am doubled up laughing… thanks ladyees!!! cackling here


I am laughing with tears pouring down my face. I especially love: ‘whoever is around should be grateful that I am alive enuff to fart’ and Julie’s ‘bottom squeaks’!!
I used to get it terribly while stuck in the chair receiving the chemo for 6 hours!! There was no escape and I just had to let it go! Oh the ambarrassment…
Thanks for giving me the best laugh in weeks
Jacquie x

Even my family who are expert practioners in this area are impressed by the power and duration at both ends. Jenny

who said it had to be all doom and gloom on here? Glad if the can of worms I’ve opened has made people laugh.

My best ever was actually before I started chemo so I don’t know if it counts, but I was in Tenerife and one day after a wonderful lunch we walked back from Los Cristianos to Puerto Colon (unfortunate name for a marina but quite apt in the circumstances) and something must have disagreed with me cos I started having stomach cramps, luckily I didn’t disgrace myself, anyway when we got back to the marina I went to the bathroom in this nice bar while my boyfriend got the drinks in and everything was rushing out the bottom end, and then I did THE longest fart I have ever done in my life, I SWEAR I am NOT exaggerating when I said it lasted for 20 seconds! It could potentially have gone on for longer but I couldn’t fart for longer (think about breathing out your mouth for as long as you can manage, eventually you have to stop for a breather)

I actually had to tell my boyfriend, but he didnt’ believe me.

oh dear.

Ha ! Great thread ! Had FEC last year and remember being catapulted down the food aisle in Marks and Spencer !

Liz xx

I have always been a ‘farter’ but found what I called the chemo smell during mine, it was def different to normal.Colin tries to match me but says he fails miserably.


Same here…day 7 of 1st FEC and farting like a trooper!!!

Anita xxx

Firstly, why is it most women don’t fart before marriage? I NEVER used to fart! With plenty farts under the marital duvet now, I must admit I hadn’t noticed if my 1st FEC made any difference! I know I wasn’t constipated and at one point I had to go to the loo to fart, just in case. But, I don’t think I was actually farting more than usual! Oh well, at least I finally have an excuse for my disgraceful behaviour! How long can this excuse last? One year? Ten?

Sue (the smelly farter in the corner!) xx

I am so glad this topic has been aired, so to speak.

If the chemo hadn’t made my hair fall out, the farts would’ve done it! (or made my hair go white, at least!). Who needs biological warfare with these little beauties? I mentioned it to my onc who said he’d never had that complaint (other people are probably too polite to mention it), but to warn him if one was imminent!


Rollicking thread, ladies. Made me very glad that my husband is decamping for a month the day after my first chemo, to be replaced by big old dad - now THERE’S a farter. Finally I may be able to offer him a real run for his money! Something to look forward to. I have this kind of embarrassed grin on my face as I realise that after 22 years of marriage, I still don’t fart in front of husband (what goes on when I’m asleep is beyond my control) because he is a tight-a*** who confines his own ‘bottom squeaks’ to the bathroom where poss. I fart cheerfully - eloquently - in front of my natal family & son, however. Oh dear. I better not go down this road - divorce lies at the end.