Winging Scapular

Hi All,

Anyone had this problem?


Sorry - don’t understand what you mean but have got bony secondaries in left shoulder blade.
Is this something that happened after surgery as thinking you must be talking about a shoulder blade sticking out or drooped or something??

Hi Kate,

Sorry about the not clear post…
I didn’t bother going into detail as if you have had/got a winging scaplula you would know what it is and didn’t want to bother anyone else but then forgot that there are ‘medical’ people on this site too…

Yes the shoulder blade at the back is sticking out when I lift my arm up but I cannot actully lift it properly. (over my head).

I am having it investigated, MRI on Fri but it is really irritating me.
The cause could be a trapped nerve (because of a tumor) or just the fact I’m not 19 anymore and getting older.

You know what its like though when you have what could be another symptom show up and although I have looked on the net I am trying to find out as much as I can about this condition.

I have secondaries in the chest wall and also the spine but saying that this shoulder hasn’t felt right for over a year and nothing has shown on any scans before.

Anyway, thanks for your interest,