Wire insertion too far in advance of operation?

Hi everyone

I was recently diagnosed with tubular lobular cancer, 15mm tumour, HER2+ and ER+ and PR+ and will have a lumpectomy, chemo, herceptin, radiotherapy and tamoxifen. Surgery is scheduled for Fri 25th August, but my appointment for the wire insertion is Monday 21st. Reading other threads, this sèems much too early before the operation in comparison to others. Or have I misunderstood? If it is that far in advance, can I shower and wear a normal bra during the gap between the two appointments?


Hi Helen,
I’ve not heard of such a long gap before, mine was on the morning of the op. Probably an idea to ring them & check.
Whilst waiting, between the wire insertion & surgery, I was told to wear a bra to keep it on place. It had a dressing over it & was taped down.
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I think that you might have mistaken some of the information you have been given, which is totally understandable as there is so much to take in.  I know when I had mine fitted, it was on the morning of my op, it might be a good idea to give your breast care nurse a call tomorrow and just go through it with her again to be sure…


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Have heard of people having it done day before but not sooner than that as risk of wire coming out .Best check it out .

Thanks for all the replies. It confirms what I thought. I went back and checked and I definitely have an email from the surgeon’s secretary telling me that it is Monday afternoon. However I have just received the admission letter from the hospital and that lists it on the same day as my surgery, which makes far more sense. I have rung the hospital and are waiting for them to get back to me, but I  can’t check with the surgeon as both he and his secretary are on holiday all week.

I’m pretty sure that the hospital version is correct, but my worry is that if the secretary allocated time in the surgeon’s diary assuming that surgery itself would start first thing and now it will be later after the wire insertion, will he have enough time before other commitments and will I get a rushed job??? Can anyone give me a vague idea of how much earlier they think their surgery would have started if they hadn’t had the wire insertion first please?

I also have totally different last eating and drinking times from the secretary and the hospital. If the actual operation will end up later in the day than the secretary thought, then the difference would make sense.



Had wire put in at 9 -took about half hour .Had surgery at 10.30.

 Mystery solved! Although my code says wire insertion, I’m actually only being marked up with a pen, so I can have it earlier in the week. No one could tell me why I didn’t get an appointment letter for Monday’s appointment or why the hospital has that same code listed on Friday’s list, but they are expecting me for ultrasound on Monday only ?

Thanks again for all the help