with all the cancer in the news im wondering.

I am triple neg too.
No pill and no HRT-healthy diet but was rather[not grossly]over weight,very moderate drinker[glass of wine maybe twice a month]and never smoked.I had 2 children in my late twenties-tried to breast feed but failed.
It is my fault I have bc…I am a woman!

It’s not the statisticians at fault but the ignorant reporters who try to make a 5-second soundbite out of complex information, and of course they’re going to get it wrong. Again. Just like they do with just about every piece of scientific reporting they ever do!

hi Girls
I woke up in hospital the day after my double mastectomy and re-upholstering to be given my Telegraph (only for the crossword puzzle) whereupon i saw the headlines that it was all my fault i had breast cancer due to being obese, drinking too much, no exercise and a crap diet.In fact I’m only slightly overweight due to tamoxifen, i enjoy a glass of wine or 2 (can’t remember the last time I actually got drunk) weekends and wednesdays, and I eat the kind of diet they recommend to obese people on all those horrible programmes on tv where I cook everything from scratch, and I walk my energetic dog twice daily and run 3 times a week!
Nothing was said about bloody genes!!! When are these bloody newspapers going to report things in a sensible way?
I did read an article about how dangerous it is to wear yellow wellies, a la tabloid genre which is a giggle, and I’m going to search it out again. And I’m going to stop reading newspapers!!!
Nicky xx

ChoccieMuffin, that is an excellent point. Not all newspapers and magazines are using journalists who are experienced in writing up health stories, which is a huge problem. It is no wonder some clinics and doctor’s waiting rooms refuse to have the Daily Mail there. The poor standard of reporting when it comes to cancer is shocking, it seems to be all about sensationalism and getting attention for the headline. TBH, any time I am reading the Mail I just turn the page when I see a cancer story.

I’ve never been on HRT but it was the first thing i was asked when i was called back after my second ever mammogram. I was also asked if i drank much - 1 bottle of wine can last me 3 or 4 days, i like a glass with a meal!.. Another question was did i do any exercise? At the time i had been hillwalking for years - most weekends and went to two fitness classes a week, so yes i did exercise regularly,i also ate pretty healthy food as well… BC wasn’t in my family history but i was told to stop taking the pill straight away, had been on it for years. I wasn’t overweight but wasn’t skinny either.

I was dx with non-invasive DCIS, so i was lucky but went through surgery, SNB and 5 wks of radiotherapy. We are all shocked at our dx but i couldn’t believe it as i thought i was fit and healthy. So yeah, i’ve been reading all the articles on ‘lifestyle’ changes increasing the rise in BC and i get annoyed at it too. It’s easier to blame us, don’t you think than target the drug companies or accept that sometimes it just happens, even if you have a good healthy lifestyle.

I was on HRT for 12 years or more but oncologist says since my BC is triple negative I could have fed it with any amount of hormones and it wouldn’t have changed.Start chemo on Monday.
I had no node involvement so having 3fec then 3 Tax
I’m fit for my age go linedancing twice a week sometimes Zumba and have never been able to drink more than two or three or I’m sick.Now because of the latest headlines I’m afraid to say I’ve got BC in case they think I’m an alcoholic and a couch potato- I am a wee bit overweight lol Have to think up another reason for wearing a wig lol

I was on HRT for about 7 years following early menopause at 44. Had to come off it because I was taking terrible headaches. I had my second child aged 40 and had been on contraceptive pill in my 20/30s (I am now 62).

Am not overweight, follow a healthy diet, don’t smoke, am and always have been very fit, take a drink a couple of times a week. I breast fed both my children for 9 months. Was ER 8/8 PR 7/8,

I just wish that this was the lottery that I hadn’t won!!

Pauline x

Ive never been on HRT either ,also have never been overweight,have always had a healthy diet, never drunk Alcohol, had 3 children in my 20s, always been pretty fit , and have no family history of any cancers at all, i was on the pill for 3yrs between age 19-21yrs.
My BC was only weakly ER/PR+.
I think its very easy to make sweeping statements that XXX causes breast cancer, its the same old rubbish being rehashed again, the truth is i realy dont think they have a clue what cause BC, perhaps they should read this forum because many of us here shouldnt even be here if their conclusions are correct.
Please dont beat yourself up about it, life is for living, everything we do in life has an element of risk,even walking accross the road,no one here is to blame for getting their BC, but as usual the media certainly dont do us any favors, this kind of news reporting will do nothing to educate the general pulic all it does once again is proportion blame .