Hi all. I’ve had my WLE for DCIS yesterday and was amazed that it’s not been so painful as the microdochectomy? Maybe because I have no nipple and the DCIS was behind it. As I opened the forum I saw that Ali49 and some other ladies were experiencing more pain a week or 3 weeks later? Is this usual? I’ve only taken one painkiller in the night to get me to sleep…

I had very little pain after my WLE ,but I got more discomfort in the weeks following when I started doing more .

Hi Jill 1918. I haven’t felt too much pain yet more sickly and dazed from the anesthetic. I go back to work wednesday. I’m a hairdresser so I may experience more pain in the futurex

I think most people dont have a lot of pain from op initially but when you start doing more you can get pain and swelling particularly around underarm .

You will have to be careful how much you do Coralie as you will be raising your arm
a lot in your job .

Hi Coralie, I was exactly like you pain wise upto a week after my op. I’m sure they said don’t work for 2 weeks after so take care as I know in your job you will be using your arm all day and it’s a busy time of year for hairdressers. Get a really good sports bra too if you can to hold you still xxc

Hi Ali 49 and Jill thankyou for your support. I feel a bit of a fraud staying in bed this last week but I have to remind myself that when I’m back at work I will need to be very careful. I’m feeling a bit hazey from the anesthetic too. The wound isn’t not as painful as the microdochectomy. My boob was black and any movement hurt. I live in my brain these days to stop movement. My surgery was called a central resection for DCIS. I have no nipple now so wonder if that’s why there was not so much pain.

I mean live in my Bra. Blooming spell check

Hiya well still not much pain but gutted as my results today said a further operation. Untill now I’ve felt confident and saw same consultant 3 times and thought I was seeing him today. I got to hospital for 11. I was seen at 2.38. My consultant left at 12, so I knew that was a bad sign. The guy I saw had a matter of fact manner and said well there’s more DCIS to shave off or you could save yourself radiotherapy and have a complete mastectomy. The nurse looked a bit alarmed and I said that the other doctor told me a mastectomy was overkill for 7mm in one duct. Now he’s saying he don’t know where I got that and that it’s 5cm. Well it’s in a letter on my fridge. I’m having more surgery on 30th. No one looked at my wound today and I realised I came home with my steristrips and stitches still on. I feel gutted and wonder if I made the right decision. He said it was low grade still and no invasive cancer found.

Sorry you didn’t get good news Coralie,if you feel you have made the wrong decision ring up your BC nurse today to discuss you can change your mind or have a further appointment to discuss you options.

Hi Jill 1998. I rang today and left message for my consultant and breast cancer nurse and they both called back today thankfully. They got clear margins on east and west pole but not learn enough on North and South Pole. That was how he explained it. He was upset the was I was treatedx yesterday and the fact no one looked at my wound. The nurse explained further and I feel scared but a bit more reassured. The consultant has promised to do the operation himself. I know if it doesn’t work I’ll be having a mastectomy.

That’s good Coralie,glad you feel more reassured .

Hiya all. Ali 49 and jill 1998 and Steph. I’ve had my 3rd operation now and hopefully it went smoothly and i get clear margins north and south. Im more sore this time and can’t bloody sleep. Last operation was the central resection and i could sleep the minute i put my head down. I had no pain at all then. Im a bit sore after thus one though. Cavity shave my consultant said. Everyone was lovely at the hospital and my nice consultant i ve been seeing most of the time did the operation. He saw me before and after the operation. He has explained that if its not Clear on 9th i will then have to have the mastectomy. Feeling full of energy at moment positive but scared. I worry about the swollen arm with mastectomy as im a hairdresser. I dont have that yet but have heard about it and i have clients with it after their mastectomy. I wonder how Steph is getting on after her operation.

Fingers and toes crossed for the 9th Jan for you .

Good luck for your results. I ended up needing a mastectomy I also had 4 lymph nodes removed - this was at my request for peace of mind, all were clear ? I’ve had no issues with my arm since so it’s not a given that you will have problems.

Good luck xxxx

Hi Coralie, I am so glad your op is Over and I will pray hard for clear margins having been achieved. I wonder if they use a different anaesthetic for the cavity shave because I couldn’t sleep either. I didn’t sleep for 2 full days and nights after my 2nd op but was zonked after my first! Hope you sleep tonight and don’t forget to take painkillers for the pain. Xxx

Thanks princess Ali49 and jill1998. Ive hardly had any sleep yet this morning bursting with energy. Got up had my bath with cling film on my boob. Trying out all my luxery salts and bath stuff.lol was very sore yesterday but not bad today. Sticking to paracetamol and ibuprofen as the codienne gave me stomach cramps last time after 3 days. Ali am i right to think you got clear margins now? Have you started the radiotherapy? And Princess did you have DCIS? How many operations did you have before deciding on the mastectomy? They have said that’s my next step. Glad you didnt have the swollen arm. Why does that happen? How long was your recovery? Have you or are you going to have a reconstruction. Have you had to have radiotherapy too.? Sorry so many questions my head is spinning at the momentx


Hi Coralie yes I got clear margins with the 2nd op, a cavity shave. I finished my 15 sessions of radiotherapy and apart from what feels like a prickly heat rash and being a bit tired I am fine xx

I finished on Thursday x