WLE & SNB Tomorrow - feeling anxious!

Op tomorrow - feeling so anxious now. Have been keeping myself really busy, house is spotless and I am exhausted but I just know I won’t sleep much tonight.

I will be glad when this lump is removed but unlike any other surgery I have had, I won’t really be ‘fixed’ and I will have other hurdles to get over. Very emotional now so I will sign off and will be back as soon as I am able.

Good luck to anyone else having surgery or receiving results. Stay strong - I am trying to!!!

Poppet xx

Hi Poppet

Good luck for tomorrow hope all goes smoothly for you. Sending you positive thoughts and i hope you manage to sleep.

Best wishes

L x

HI Poppet thinking of you. Its only natural to feel anxious. Sending positive thoughts your way. Jump each hurdle as it comes were all here for each other.



Hi all

Thank you so much for your good wishes.

I came home yesterday afternoon after my WLE & SNB. Feeling ok, not as bad as I thought. Unfortunately I woke up with a drain and my consultant later confimed the Sentinel Node was indeed cancerous and they had to carry out a full axillary clearance of lymph nodes to check. Felt very angry and wanted to punch something and took a while to settle. This emotional roller coaster is draining.

I go back on Friday 9 May to find out how many nodes are affected, if they got clear margins and there is now a worry that it might be an aggressive form. May need full body scan and/or bone scan.

Husband and family have been so wonderful. District Nurse has been today to check my wounds and drain and all ok. The drain is not all that bad, better than I thought although it seems to be catching deep up inside my armpit when I move which feels like someone is jabbing me with a red hot poker.

One hurdle over and now on to the next.

Poppet xx

Hi poppet,
Sorry to hear about your predicament, I am in exactly the same position and it makes me emotional too !
I had my op on 17 April, all went well healing really really well, started feeling better then went for results on Friday and they said the same not enough clear margin and one of the four nodes is cancerous so they will take them all. Mine didn’t get done at the time had to wait two weeks for the results and now I’m in on 13 may for the operation !
I got it in my mind that I was feeling better from my chemo, my hair is growing back, I’m healing from the op and I must be going onto radiotherapy next !
I’m ok with the tissue it’s the nodes I worry about :frowning:
We kind of took it for granted we d be moving onto the next step and have learnt not to take anything for granted with this horrible thing !!
I was petrified last time I went in, I think this time I will be worse :frowning: still they keep saying I’ve been through the worst !
Hope you’re feeling better soon
Kay x