Wnated to Share my good news re scan results


Sorry I haven’t posted for a while tho I have popped in when I been able to keep up with the news.

I’ve had results of my CT scan and bone scan (albeit unofficially from my Macmillan nurse as Onc has yet to write to me some 4 weeks later than expected!) and I was ecstatic to discover that my liver mets are no longer visible, and there has been no deterioration of my bones since I was first diagnosed. I cried my heart out on the news -it was such a relief! Just have to hope that this continues. My Chemo FEC finished in Mar 07 and radiotherapy Jun 07 and I have been on tamoxifen and ibandronic acid since Mar 07. My last scan 4 months ago showed a visible spot to the liver still, so that tamoxifen for all its downsides is doing its job brilliantly!

Hope that this will give inspiration to those on the same journey, and my best wishes are with you all Debbiexx

Dear Debbie - I’m not having to go through all the added complications of secondaries (having chemo at the moment), but wanted to write and say what fabulous news. No wonder you are feeling so relieved and happy, and as you say, long may it continue. The treatments for secondaries have improved so much over the last few years, which is really encouraging. I am sure you will get lots of replies from others. Love Sarah.

Hi Debbie, great to read your news. I think it’s important to share our good news and not feel guilty for doing so, while being sensitive to others on who are in a difficult place on their secondary journey.

I too have been celebrating since last Tuesday, when told that my bone mets are stable. Had had problem with hip met for which I’d needed IV Zometa for 6 months, now I just need my daily Bonio tablet :slight_smile: (ibandronate) and hormone therapy.

Mrs Wilky and Mrs Blue…What great news…I’m just so pleased for you both. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Belinda…xx

Wonderful news mrs wilky & mrs blue, long may it last!

Thats great news Mrs Wilkie & Mrs Blue Its great when you get good news you just want to shout it from the roof tops don’t you?

Just keep up the good work

caroline xx


Yes I agree with the ladies, sharing good news is a good thing to do and being sensitive is just what I think you have done right.

good luck for the brightest of futures.

Mrs Wilky and Mrs Blue - so pleased for you both. My liver and lung tumours are are stil hanging on in there but I love to hear of people who are getting good results. keep up the good work…


Thank you all for your kind comments, and am pleased for you also Mrs Blue. I think this forum is fab for sharing good news and for having a winge when needed, but I also think you get fab advice when something is worrying you, so thanks to everyone who cares enough to respond to our comments.


Hi There,

i am so pleased for you. Reading your thread has put a smile on my face and that hasn’t happened very often. I know I don’t have secondaries however this gives hope to all us BC patients that the treatments they offer do work.

I’m so pleased for you.
Take care,