Wobbly Shaky legs (taxotere)?

Hi just wondering if anyone has got the same as me wobbly legs,if I have been laid down for a while and I get up my legs start shaking and wobbling for a bit, you know if you had taxotere what it does to your legs well it’s like that still, but only when I have been laid down for a bit.
It’s now nearly 2 1/2 years since I had taxotere,Oh believe me I have still EVEN NOW got the effects from chemo going on. x


I’m sorry I don’t understand Bump ? x

Bump is done so that your thread doesn’t get lost. You posted initially last month, but had no replies and emmbee very kindly saw the post and bumped it, which brings it to the top of the thread tree…as will this post.
I have shaky legs, but for a diffent reason, so I’m afraid I can’t really help you.
Hope someone notices this and you get a reply.

l have you mentioned it to your oncology team or BCN? It might be worthwhile flagging it up to them or even your G.P. The problem with having had something like cancer the treatments can cause problems which take time to recover and sometimes they can cause damage which does not go. It might be nothing relating to the chemo at all , but it does need reporting and perhaps investigating.
You might like to ring the helpline re this if you need to off load your worries.
Best wishes
Cackles xx