wonder how long I will be in theatre

Makes me sound like an ageing drama queen - maybe I am! Have high grade DCIS and am having mastectomy, reconstruction and reduction on other side - on 31st May - and wonder how long I will be in theatre - any ideas out there? Anybody else had this package - would love to hear of others experiences - feeling positive I am doing the right thing …well today anyway!

Can’t answer your question about time but you’re doing the right thing because you’ll be rid of cancer n have a lovely set of new boobies! cannot wait for mine after treatment has finished!!xxx.good luck, staying positive is the way forward though, well done.x.

if you phone your BC nurse she should be able to tell you.



I am just back from hosp. I met a lady who had mastectomy and recon. She was in theatre for 7 hours if that helps. but no reduction on other side.

Starfish x

hi chebsy,I had already had left mastectomy in june 06,then sept 07 I had right mastectomy and double tram flap recon,I was in surgery for 12 hours…wow…I couldnt believe it myself,but very pleased with results,long recovery but it was all worth it. xI wasnt nervous about having it done because it was something I really wanted so I am sure you will be fine and maybe you wont be in as long as me as it will prob be same surgeon doing all your work,I had a seperate surgeon doing the mastectomy and another doing the recon . xwhat sort of recon are you having,I suppose it depends on that too.

Hi Chebsy

I am posting a link to a BCC publication about breast reconstruction which you may find helpful to read, you can read it via the following link:


You are also welcome to call our confidential helpline if you need any further support and information on 0808 800 6000, it’s open Mon-Fri 9am-5pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

Best wishes

Hi Cheryl,

I had a mastectomy and LD flap with expander reconstruction on 2nd April so not quite the same as yours but thought I would reply. I left the ward just before 11am and came back about 6pm - but that included time in recovery before and after the surgery. I think the actual operation took 5 1/2 hrs. It does seem a long time but then I didn’t know anything about it (the hrs are harder for the family) and the work is so neat and tidy and has healed really well - so I think they took their time and it was worth it. I guess op times vary and you don’t say what reconstruction you are having - it might be worth contacting your bcn as she may have a good idea or be able to be in touch with your surgeon. It is a bit wierd to have ‘lost’ that time in surgery but I try not to think about it too much and rather have concentrated on getting well. After the op I was in hospital for 6 nights.

As to staying positive - it is tough some days especially during that waiting period but I’m sure it helps with recovery. Other things that may help: My friend recommended taking lots of vitamin C in the weeks in the run up to the op - she bought me Haliborange 1000mg ruby orange flavour dissolvable - and pineapple juice for after the op as it is supposed to help with inflammation. I took the size you buy for lunchboxes into hospital and then drank one a day diluted 50/50 with water. Also for hosptial, I’d recommend taking a framed family photo and an unusual cuddly toy as this breaks the ice with the nurses, docs and other staff - and then conversations flow. If you have or can get hold of a portable dvd player they’re good too especially once you start to feel better and visiting time is over. Other than that sleep and rest when you need to, let other people look after you for a while - sometimes it is frustrating when you can see things that need doing and no-one else seems to see them - but I’m sure recovery is quicker the easier you take it at first - but do, do the exercises they will tell you to do. Oh, and don’t leave hospital without seeing a physio to tell you how to do them. The physio didn’t turn up the day I was being discharged and I didn’t insist as thought I would be okay following the booklet. Then when I saw my surgeon 3 weeks later she was ‘cross’ that I’d not done my exercises properly and I had to be referred to the outpatients physio!!

I wish you all the best. x

Hi Chebsy,
I’ve just come back from Mx with LD flap, no implant as awaiting chemo & rads.I was in theatre for 7 hours. Chose not to have other side redued despite my surgeon being ken - I felt I needed one functioning breast with good nipple sensation and would rather be lopsided for a bit. My recon breast looks like a topped boiled egg at the mo, but it’s still all covered in dressing (opsite, clear stuff) - got a cleavage so happy with that - nothing a little chicken fillet won’t sort out!
My surgeon personally phoned my husband (who went to work - saving time off for when I came home) at the end of surgery.

Zoe - how lucky that your area has physio!!! No funding in Bristol for ‘breast physio’. Rediculous! Like you, have done my best with the leaflet!

good luck!

Love Td x