Wondering if anyones big toe or elbow affected by bone mets?


I have sec bc in lungs n spine and been on arimedex since nov 07…

Silly question and I have read that bone mets tend not to go to our body extremities but I have a real problem with my foot! it hurts when i walk, and is at the junction between big toe and main part of my foot feels like its dislocated but i havent injured it at all! also have pain in my elbow and wondering if its possible to have bone mets to these areas??? Anyone got any experience of this???

Seeing my onc tomorrow so thought Id ask if anyone suffers the same? so can tell her…and she doesnt think im barking mad!!! …or maybe i am!! lol! :slight_smile:

Thank you!!! xx

Hi Zippy…I have bone mets…and I was on Arimidex for nearly 3 years…I think your foot and elbow problems might be due to Arimidex. Arimidex got easier for me over time. Belinda…x

Hi Zippy
I have pain in my elbow and went to the GP. He examined it and said it was bone pain and in view of my breast cancer would send me for an xray (which thankfully came back clear). I asked him if he had ever seen mets in the elbow and he said that it was rare but that he had. I am not on arimidex or anything else and think that the pain is caused by my mastectomy and node removal on that side. Let us know how you get on tomorrow, I am sure that the onc wont think you are barking!!!

Hi Belinda and Pinkcrystal

Thanks for your replies! :slight_smile: yes i was wondering if it is arimedex - and some days are better than others so its not always bad constantly…typical tho I was so overwhelmed with my oncologists beaming face this morning bringin good news I totally forgot to ask any questions!!! duh!! normally i write them down befor i go in but i was paranoid and didnt want to tempt fate!!! and ive had such a run of bad luck recently with both my cats and my stupid heating system…i was so gobsmacked to hear what the onc said! so forgot to say anythin else!!!

anyway - GOOD NEWS!!! My tumours one in each lung show no change so it looks like theyv stopped growing :slight_smile: and the one in my spine is healing really well!!! and no new areas to report! i cant believe it!!! i have been so worried! and just have to keep on arimedex and ibandronate until another scan in 6 months - so no chemo!!! yey!!! i was dreading that as had it in '03 and it made me so sick :frowning:

I hope you are both well and thanks again for your replies - i will keep an eye on my bones and hope they improve!!!

:slight_smile: x

Hi Zippy
What great news! I’m so pleased the Arimadex is working so well for you. You must be so relieved not to be facing chemo again. My elbow pain comes and goes too, it doesn’t worry me one bit now I know that it isn’t mets!

Take care and I hope you continue to improve. x