Woolly comfort

I’ve just come across this section of secondaries thread… what a great idea.
My hub. and I bought two rare breed sheep, Wensleydales, about 4 months before my sec. diagnosis ( lung mets) both sheep were in lamb. A bit of a panic re could we cope ( they are on a friends farm),but have no regrets whatsoever about carrying on with the plan, which was to build up a small flock and use the fleece for spinning! We also bought a tup (ram) but he died after we’d had him for 2 years… however we now have a beautiful , if small flock of friendly sheep who come when called and know us, with lambs too!
I can just about do hands on when it comes to gathering the flock as long as I have my border collie to drag me up the hills, I help out with lambing ( when small hands are required!) and also wrap the fleeces when the flock have been sheared. I’ve had my first lot of fleeces processed at a spinning/carding mill and am selling the fleece to spinners
I can honestly say that it keeps me sane. I keep going because of the responsibility of owning animals, and I also think that meeting up with people who don’t know you have cancer helps.
On “off” days I sit at home and spin/knit/crochet my sheeps fleece!!
All the sheep have names, Winnie, Wendy, Willow, Whisper and Wurley (Wensleydale) but am running out of names beginning with W. Am just left with rude ones, so may have to change for next years lambs.
Please tell me I’m not nuts!

No you are not baaarmy, what a wonderful story. How long ago did you get your diagnosis? I too have lung mets and am very inspired by your posting. How about Whilamena for a sheep’s name?


Just a short but very supportive comment here. I have done a lot of spinning, weaving, knitting & crocheting since primary diagnosis last year (did a lot before diagnosis too) but I’m sure the spinning in particular keeps me centred - its very soothing. We have a small motley crew of sheep - no fleeces as a good as Wensleydales - but they keep me sane as well!!
So nice to know others are at it!

Hi Hazelnut

What a wonderful inspiring story and how wonderful to spin your own wool it must be so relaxing. I knit, embroider, do patchwork and picture framing and garden in the summer. We have a lovley workship with wood burning stove in the back garden where we disappear when the weather gets cold and my husband makes furniture whilst I potter with my crafts. It is so relaxing and as you say you become totally focused on what you are making.

Long may your flock flourish and good luck with next years names. What a ovely story.

Love Anne x x

Hi to fellow spinners out there!
Yes I agree with you it is very relaxing ( have been known to nod off at the wheel so to speak). I also am classed as a shed worker, I have a small summerhouse at the back of our garden, with electricity so have light and heat, where I can retreat. It’s known as the Spinning Shack.
Would love a woodburner though!!! Wow! My heater l.ooks like a woodburner but is just a convector heater.
Our young border collie likes to “help” by “fetching” rolags… that is he takes them out of the basket and gives them a good shaking in the garden. After all the work to get to rolag stage I find this a tad irritating!
Good luck ladies and thankyou so much for your supportive comments, keep well,
Also just seen post from BoneyL. Whilemena a good name, a bit nun like LOL! Was diagnosed Feb 2008,First DX was 1993!!! had 5xFEC I think and arimidex only so far and have now this year been put on 6 monthly checks (for good behaviour)
Liz xx