Words of advice

Hello everyone.

Can I please turn to you for words of advice, please? I have recently found a lump (about a size of a golf ball (ish) in my right breast. My mother has a history of breast cancer, and had two mx.

The Doc said it would be better if I was referred on as the growth is slightly “stuck” to the muscle tissue and my family history. Although the breast does feel tender, he’s referring me for peace of mind.

I know it’s difficult to diagnose, but what other thing could it be? With my Mam it always turned out to be cancer, and haven’t got any other experience of breast lumps.

Many thanks for your time.

Warm regards.

Hi Catrin,
Sorry you are having this worry, but the main thing is your doctor has referred you.
Did he give you an idea of how long the appointment would be, sorry can’t answer your question as to what the lump would be, l am afraid like us all, it is a bit of a waiting game.
Good Luck, let us know how you get on
Sandra xxx