work done on diep recon to make it balanced

Hiya i posted before to see if anyone else has had further work done on their new recon breast,it was much too big so he took a fair bi t away to matchup with my other one.Also he did some lipo work around the diep scar so im stuck in a corset lol.Wouls love to hear from someone else who is in the same situation and stage.Thanks Debsx

Hi debzz1
I’m about to go through the same op. Just been told this evening that I will have op to make the recon breast smaller to match my own one. The recon one is about a size d-e and my own one is a b-c depending on make of bras. I also have a bulge on one side of my tummy and been told that he will put in a small mesh? Had a quick look through the forums and cannot find anyone who had a stomach bulge. My consultant told me that the last one he did was 8 years go - Just had to happen to me! At least I won’t need another op for the nipple reconstruction - was told that he will do that under local anaesetic. Are you happy with the results?

Thanks for replying,it sounds just like me I wasalmost getting usedtomy Jorden massive new boob butwent in last weds,he did alot of workon itandon my tummy,Ihad a dome shaped fatty area near the big hip to hip scar line and he used lipo on that.Not sure if im amazing pleased as now ive got 4 more scars on my new breast.I havent found anyone to discuss stuff with so they r offering peer support.But now we can exchange details and discuss things with each other lol.My next thing will be the nipple and hes making it straight from the boob gathering it up and twisting it.Sounds gory but the boob looks wierd with no nipple.Well im just one op ahead of you so must keep in touch,im stuck in a corset too …in this weather…just bcos of the tummy Lipo.Chat soon ,take care Debs

Hi Debs & Carol,
I had diep done in December and it was fine, no problems and am now going in on 16th July to make natural one smaller, to reduce some of the fullness on my new one at the side and to make the nipple on my new one. Lifting the skin like yours Debs. I shall be happy to have practically completed everything except tattooing the areola later. I’m sorry about the work to be done to my natural boob but I’ve read/heard of so many women who are pleased with the final outcome so I’m going for it. It’s funny having one down near my middle and one nice and pert - doesn’t really look like that when I’m dressed! I didn’t want the diep done because of the scaring etc to my tummy but am so glad I did have it in the end.I was really sad and so fed up with prosthesis. I’m so happy now but will be pleased when 16th is over. Hope you don’t mind me joining you? Lyn

Hi Debs and Lynbee
Yes I’m also pleased that I had the diep done, although will be glad when these small problems are sorted out. This is a million times better than the implant that I had. I had my mastectomy 7 years ago with immediate recontruction (implant), but that ruptured last year. The implant was never right and caused me pain and this is so much better. The new reconstruction is more natural and painfree. My PS will make the nipple from a piece of rib he took during the op and whicn is now on my hip! (You can’t see it but I can feel it under the skin). Its amazing what they can do. I will ask him again about the mesh on the tummy and whether this is really needed. I think I’d feel better if he did an ultrasound first. I have noticed that my tummy gets bigger (and so does the reconstruction) when I have my monthlys, which is quite weird.
Speak to you soon