Work Issues

Work Issues

Work Issues Hello ladies,
I have been absent from my school for 9 months.
I have requested to return to work for two morning and two afternoons for the last 12 days of term.
I have received a very official letter from my employers asking for my permission to get a report from my doctors regarding my state of health.
In my absence I have only been covered 3 morns a week and, I hate to admit, they have coped as several othr members of staff are first aid qualified and have dealt with the children.
The school is also in financial difficulties.
I am paranoid that they are trying to get rid of me. How long can we be away for before they can decide that they cannot hold our position open any more. It says nothing in my contract. I was only to receive statutory pay and they have generously paid me 3 months full and 6 months half, so I feel very vulnerable. Their letter was cc to the chairman of govs who is a partner in a solicitors. Help!!!
Sue x

Medical reports Sue

My employer has a standard way of dealing with long term absence which also involves asking for permission to get a medical report from my specialists / GP. This is often standard and seems very official because it has to be. I can only say that in my situation it was absolutely nothing to worry about. It is one way to try and reduce the number of long terms absences which are not real.

At work once they get the report the works doctor reviews them and often calls people in for an ‘interview’. In my case the report was just filed so the medical department could say that they followed procedure - no need for interview as it was such a cut and dry case.

Hope that this is also the case for yourself.
Take care

Medical report I work at a private school and their sickness policy is underwritten by their insurance so they had to request a medical report about me with my permission for their insurers.

I am covered by the sick pay scheme (75%) for a full year.