WORK…JUST NEED TO MOAN I have worked in the same childrens day nursery for over 13yrs…today I see that I have been paid short for this month…owners are away until next week…typical…all i can think is that i haven’t been paid for the 2 bank hols…but as monday is one of my days to work i should of been…wages are rubbish at best of times…£5.45 an hour…a whole extra 10p an hour more than the minimum wage because i’m NVQ3 quaified!!
beginning to wonder if its worth the hassle…place has changed so much…new manager useless…ofsted wanting so much paperwork done…even for the age i work with 0-2’s…what happened to the ‘‘childcare’’ bit.


Hi Karen
I was wondering if you had gone back to work after DX and treatment.

I never did for some of the reasons you have mentioned.

Nursery work is very underpaid and i know one of the hardest jobs in the world. People have to do it to realise that.

Wish we could have a good old chin wag about it all and share stories.

They are quick enough to take money off you arent they. Bet the managers have gone on some lovely holiday.

I used to work at a playgroup got pittance but was treated with respect and practically ran the place. Once we were ofsteded i was SEN and Child protection plus First aider.

I then went to a sure start nursery better paid but blimey a nightmare infact i think the stress led to my BC worst job on this planet. As i was part time even though i was NVQ3 i was treated like a unqualified person.

Its very hard for you and i do feel for you, your probably like me mature and experienced and also qualified and yet totally underpaid and un appreciated.

I am thinking of just doing agency work in Sept then i decide where i will go and on what days and how i work, we had some useless people from agencies at least i wouldnt be like that but i wouldnt have to get involved either and if a place was awful i wouldnt go back.

Let us know how you get on Hun.

Love Ruthx

Hi Ruth,
dx in jan 04 returned to work in nov., 04…sooner than i had wanted to.

wish i could afford to just walk away from the flippin job…went in today…place seems like a shambles…nobody wants to really do anything…haven’t got the confidence to try anything new though…will have to pm you on other site Ruth then we can have a good moan!!!

Hope all is well with you.

karen x

I am not on other site hun so dont PM i cant collect them email prob can though .

Hope work turns out ok an dyou can cope.


Ruth… you still come up with a ‘‘pm’’ on other site but no e-mail???


who do you post as on the BCpals i never remember seeing you as karen.
Na prob cant contact me, i can’t get onto site. I use this one, although miss the folk there alot some fabulous people. We had some wonderful get togethers. I feel i received loadsa help and i helped folk too.

Life is hectic though just now with courses and the gym and family will be home soon from uni for summer.

Take Care kid let me know who u were on BCpals.

Love Ruthx

ruth i posted under skibadee.
why don’t you use the site now???

if you got to and register on there you can send private msgs to people and i would be able to give you my e-mail address.

karen xx


My daughter attends a day nursery and the girls that care for her are amazing (she is in the 0-2 room). I knew they were poorly paid but I am appalled that they earn little over the minimum wage.

To me nursery nurses are more like teachers these days. They follow a curriculum and the day is jammed-packed with confidence-building, skill-developing activites. My daughter is only 22-months-old and can already count , interacts brilliantly with other kids and adults and has a fantastic vocabulary. I think at lot of that is to do with nursery.

My fees are extortionate and I wouldn’t mind if I felt more of them were going to the people that actually care for my daughter, especially as the management is rubbish (they keep messing things up!).

You have my sympathies 100%.

Lola x

Lola I am very pleased to hear that your daughter enjoys her time at her nursery…yes the wages are appalling at alot of them [not all] especially in comparison to the fees parents are charged…the comments you have made are made by most of our parents when there is an increase in fees especially.

Unforunately the owners of the nursery I work at [they own 2] don’t like parting with their money therefore even getting them to replace equipment or give us extra resources for the children is so very difficult,
parents read the menu and think its wonderful…truth of the matter is its nothing like it sounds…and only the cheapest food is used…its disgusting.

Fortunately most of our parents are like you and appreciate the work we do.

karen x

Just moan away Karen

All you are going through at work is c…p, know the feeling though, trouble is we have to work to pay the bills though. How about we chuck it all in and start our own business…any suggestions…as long as I am in the back room I will be ok, not very good at much though…what career do you fancy…??

All my moaning about my job and you have problems, once straight in my head I will visit you and we can all go busking, fancy it


Hey can I come elaine plseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.
I have always fancied playing the mouth organ, Elaine can sing and karen can dance what a combination.


orchestra hey we could be the breastcancer orchestra, im rather good at whistling through what teeth i have left!! love lynn xsure wed get loads of xx

SPOONS I can play the spoons, dont use them for eating with cannot afford the food…lol…also quite good on the triangle. Do we have a drummer anywhere among us???