working through chemo

Hi , Does anyone work through their chemo ? i work in the community for the nhs and wondered if anyone has managed to successfully juggle between their bad days and have they been supported by occy health , thanks x

Hi Tracey I originally thought I would swirl two out of three weeks. I didn’t quite work like that but I do work one out of three weeks. My employer has been really good about it

Hi Tracey fizz,  everybody is different and some people do work through chemo supported by their employer in various ways. Have you discussed it with your oncologist? If your role is  clinical/patient facing it you are more restricted  due to the risk of infection however occy  health can discuss office based role etc and support you to work safely if possible. I thought I would work 3rd week of cycle but realised for me it wasn’t an option. Good luck xx

Thanks Helly and Lucy youre right i think it seems to differ we hope we will sail through it as some do but reality is another thing i do visit patients which my bn said wouldnt be possible  but my boss is quite good and i could work in the office on my good weeks so when i have seen my oncologist i suppose i will have a plan to work to x 

Thanks all , been to see my manager and after oncology meeting on thursday when i will have my plan and obviously playing it by ear health wise they are willing for me to work in our office as and when i feel up to it which i think will perk me up no end x

Hi Tracey, I work the last 1.5 weeks of each cycle. I’m office based & my employers have been very supportive. It helps to keep me normal during this horrible time & I tend to forget about it during the working day xx

Hi Tracey, I have chemo every three weeks and go back to work after a week and then in for 1.5 weeks. It’s sooo good getting a bit of normality back and also my brain back into gear. Work are very supportive and tell me to do what I need to do to or cone I. Or not, it’s such a relief and takes the pressure off. I even just got a pay rise and job title change in recognition of my work ore treatment. Best of luck everyone x

Yes, I have worked through my TC chemo.  In total I have had 15 days off sick throughout my chemo.  Side effects kicked in on about day 5 and felt absolutely awful for a good 48 hours.  By day 8, I would wake up ready to go back to work.