Worried about bone mets

I’m a almost 3 year survivor 2/30 nodes, stage 2A Hormone pos herceptin pos cancer. Been on tamox and had 6 Chemo rads and herceptin X 12

I’ve had reconstruction 3 times. The last op 6 weeks ago was tweaking the DIEP flap. I had lipo to hips and tummy and thighs and a breast uplift on normal side.

I recovered well but 2 days after op I had awful lower back pain. Always had some back pain which showed us nothing on ct. now it’s shifted sides. Over 6 weeks it’s got worse. It spasms and seizes up the pain is just awful. I can’t always get out of bed and walking can be hard in the morning. It also feels like there’s pain in my pelvis and hips.

I’m worried about bone mets as it doesn’t seem to be getting better. I’m off work and just feel so fed up. You know when you think why me? I’ve been through so much already I just want to be well.

I’m thinking about a private MRI as nobody seems to be worried about it.

What do you think?

Hi Carolina,if it’s worrying you should press for further investigation ,don’t take no for an answer,you shouldn’t have to pay for a scan.It is very probably just a reaction to your surgery ,but until you are reassured you won’t relax will you ?Kick up a fuss and let us know how you get on.Jill