Worried about breast cancer

Hi, I’m 17 years old and I regularly check my boobs for any changes. About two weeks ago, I noticed a change. My boobs started to feel really sore and this only usually happens before my period and only usually lasts for a few days. But this pain has lasted two weeks and is more painful in my left boob than my right. Also my left boob feels lumpy, if I press on it I can feel small lumps. I’m also taking Marvelon which is thought to increase the risk of breast cancer. I know breast cancer can affect women at any age but I’ve heard that it’s rare in teens. I want to go to the doctors about it but I’m too worried I’ll be wasting their time. Can anyone give me some advice? Thanks

Hi Rosmi03, I am certainly no expert but generally any breast change that is still there after your period should be checked so I think it would be best to see your GP. Never be worried about wasting your doctor’s time, they are paid to see thier patients! good luck


I totally agree. Teenage cancer is rare, but any changes like this should be checked straight away. Could be an infection, any number of beneign conditions anyway, but should be checked.

Do not worry at all about wasting the doctors time–that is their job, to check patients health. Personally i dont know what your plans are today but I would bite the bullet. ring up the docs–say that you have breast changes that are nothing to do with your cycle and want to see a doctor, unless you love your doctor say you will see anyone. you might get an emergency appointment at the docs and get seen realy quickly.

Before you go have a good think and write down the dates of your periods and when you first noticed symptoms, its so easy to forget once you are in the surgery. If he says ’ oh its unusaul in a teenager, lets leave it a month’ you could politely question his decision and say–unusual but not unknown, I would prefer to have it checked.

if he thinks it is an infection though, best to give the antibiotics a chance before taking it any furthur, it could easily be that and get sorted after the course has finished.

Best of luck hun, its very scary to even think there is a slight possibility, but 9 out of 10 breast changes have nothing to do with cancer at all, especially in the young.