Worried about breast lump.

Hi everyone :)…im sorry if im putting this post in the wrong section im not sure how to use this website . Im a 20 year old female who 2 months ago found a breast lump next to my nipple…as you can imagine im very worried i went to the doctors shortly after who said “its probably nothing” but said i should get an ultrasound anyway…i havent been able to have this ultrasound because i have been waiting for my health insurance (i live in france) a couple of days ago my health insurance came through…now i have an appoitment booked for next monday…ill tell you a bit about what i can feel… visually my breasts look no different but i never use to check them before so i honestly wouldnt notice a change…the lump is located on my left breast on the upper side of my nipple right next to it…i would say its the size of a large pea but its hard to know exactly…its very hard to know if its smooth round hard movable because of all the tissue around it but it feels round/oval , smooth sometimes hard but sometimes i think im pressing tissue…i cant seem to work out if its moving or not sometimes it feels like it does other times it feels like im just moving the tissue around it…im constantly touching it and it makes me very upset im obsessed with it.i know no one on here knows exactly what it is but if anyone can give me some advice on how to help me stop panicking over it it would be greatly appreciated. thanks xx

Hi Holl25000,

Welcome to the Breast Cancer Care Discussion Forums. Sorry you haven’t had can replies to your post as yet, hopefully someone will be along soon to offer support.

If it would help, you can access the BCC Helpline from overseas by calling (+44) 2076 200 077 lines reopen Monday at 9am UK time.

With best wishes,

Anna, BCC Facilitator


Thankyou Flori35 for your kind reply…tomorrow is the day and im very very scared…i thought that maybe i wasnt getting any replies from anywone because people thought i am over reacting,which made me a little upset, and that im too young to have anything serious…but i know that this is not always the case.i hope i get to know what it is on the day as it is a private radiologist.
thank you once againxx

Holl25000 when you have a breast lump it’s normal to be worried, please don’t think you are over reacting because you are definitely NOT. There is a lot of huge support on this forum and I am sure someone will pop on soon and give you some additional reassurance. have you had your appointment today…how did you get on. Big cyber hugs xxxxx

Thank you Cheryl17…today i had a mamo and ultrasound it picked up nothing :s the radiologist said he couldnt see anything, i am so confused what do i do now? i can feel a lump i just dont get it what am i feeling ?im 20 and was told by the doctor that young females breasts are hard to examine because they are dense is this why nothing is showing up?..my boyfriend and parents say to just forget about it and thats its breast tissue :open_mouth: forget how can i forget something that doesnt feel like the lumpy normal breast tissue …does anyone have any advice on what i should do now ? xxx

Hi holl25000,

Could I suggest that you give the helpline here a ring and have a chat with one on the nurses. They’re here to support you at this time, calls are free 0808 800 6000 lines open at 9am this morning, 9-5 Mon-Fri and 10-2 Sat.

Take care,

Jo, Facilitator


Thank you Jo BBC and Flori35…i decided to get another doctors appointment and have one scheduled for tomorrow…im really starting to getting worked up about this and very emotional …its not helping that i keep googling it.Hopefully my doctor can advise me on what i should do next…this morning both nipples where very sensitive and im starting to really worry…i feel i don’t have the maturity level to deal with this, the only thing ive ever been worried about is passing exams or a pimple! i just want to know :frowning: xx

Bless you Holl. Of course you are worried, and because you are worried the doctor should take you seriously. You are so young the chances of your lump being anything nasty are so low, so I hope the doctor puts your mind at rest.
there is always someone here on the BCC forum and although we don’t have all the answers there are some wonderful women that have great advice, I know I appreciate them!
take care and let us know how you get on
love and hugs
kay x

Thank you Kayteeb53 and everyone else for all the kind posts…i went to the doctors today she reassured me that i dont not need to take any further procedures… she said that on the mamo my breast looks very healthy… and there is nothing on the ultrasound and there is no need for a biopsy or any further testings … she also mentioned that because i have a big chest that i have more glands and that this lump im feeling is either a fibroadenoma or something else which im not sure how to say in english… she said no need to worry and that my breast is perfectly healthy ,she is a very good doctor and i trust her diagnosis., the reason i went back to the doctors was because the radiologist didnt tell me what it was he just said there was nothing ,my doctor told me that this is quite common for radiologist to not talk much(well french ones anyway)…anyways ladies i thank you for your kind words i didnt expect to be so reassured by your lovely posts to me…this small drama has made me realise the importance of breast cancer awareness…i wish you all good health and that those of you who are poorly make a quick recovery you are all truly wonderful & strong ladies.
Bisous (kisses)
Hollie xxxxx

Holl25000’ I am so pleased for you. You are right to remain breast aware. Enjoy your Christmas. Xxxx