Worried about breast!

Hi, I recently had my second baby, well he’s 7 months now, but my concern is that after I stopped breast feeding my left breast changed shape… above my nipple, the areola part of my breast is sinking inward, as if there is something missing under it, it’s like a dip. I understand that this could be tissue loss after having my child but I am just concerned incase it’s more sinister! Has anyone any advice on this? I’m seeing my GP on the 10th Feb but I’m just reading google a lot and scaring myself!! Thanks x

hi mullxx,
You’ve got an appointment with your gp, so thats all you need to do now, you may be referred to the breast clinic, which is normal procedure.
Of all the things it can be, bc is the LEAST likely, so try not to worry & step away from google!, as it is not relevant to you individually & only makes anxiety worse.
ann x