Worried about comments made by technician during bone scan

Hello everyone. This is my first post - I was diagnosed with lobular cancer nearly two weeks ago. As with everyone else I am feeling very scared. I had a bone scan last Thursday and found it extemely stressful mentally. What really sent me over the edge was when the technician asked whether I had pains in my legs and said she wanted to do a 3D scan of that area. I don’t have pain but now I am terrified that she has seen something on the scan!! My canser is grade 1 apparently. I don’t know if lymph nodes are involved yet. Due to have MRI tomorrow and rest of tests on Wednesday. The plan is for mastectomy with possible reconstruction.


Thanks for reading



Hi Blodyn,
First of all, welcome to the forum although, of course you’d rather not be here.
Feeling scared is quite normal at this stage & the anxiety does send the mind into overdrive.
Try not to read anything into what the technician said, often the outcome is not what we fear & although stressful, the scans are about getting the best treatment plan for you - well, that’s what I told myself when at your stage.
Do come & chat whenever you need to, we’ve all been where you are now, with many of us out the other side as well as those at a similar stage to you in the treatment process.
ann x

What was the reason they sent you for a bone scan?

Hi Blodyn, just sending you a big hug as I reckon you need it! ?  I think it’s great that you’re grade one, so that’s quite good. I think my advice would be one day at a time, otherwise you’ll end up an anxious mess. Perhaps asking a few questions would be a step in the right direction for you? Do you have a BC nurse you could contact? Or your GP? You are a little short on facts at the minute, so it’s natural your minds gone into overdrive. Hoping that you get some answers soon. x