worried about pagets

Hiya, I have had what the gp said was eczema on my nipple (not areola)on and off for nearly a year. Just recently my areola seems to have got bigger and the little bumps on my areola (montgomeries tubules i think they’re called)are more pronounced.One of them has become sore and infected and i have a burning sensation and lumpiness under the areola. I also have a pea sized lump quite deep in my axilla.

My mum has invasive ductal carcinoma with micro lymph involvement and has just finished her a.c, going onto paclotaxel in 3 weeks time.

I dropped in to see the breast care nurses today as my gp had said there was nothing to worry about but it was still playing on my mind. I have been seeing the breast care team for 13 years as i developed with a very marked assymetry (a cup on the left, c on the right) and had a bilateral augmentation after the left one had been stretched with an expander. They did an u/s scan and they have got me an appointment with the consultant next wednesday.

Is there anyone out there that had simillar symptoms?Am I just being paranoid because of whats happened to mum?

Hi island

Firstly, may I welcome you to our forums, I am sure you will find them a great source of advice and information.

I am sure you will receive some useful replies to your post from other users, but in the meantime, you may be interested to read our booklet on the subject of pagets disease of the breast.

I have given the link here:


I do hope you find this a useful read.

Kind regards.


Hi Island

You are not being in any way paranoid, you are being sensible. It is vital that these things are checked out. Of course you will be more worried due to your mothers illness, but it doesn’t mean you have bc. Well done for being pro active!

Take care

Julia xx

Thank you julia it is good to know people dont think im crazy! I will keep you informed how it goes xx
Ju x