worried about pain in abdomen

Finished treatment for breast cancer a year ago.


Have been having a burning sensation and slight pain in my upper right abdomen for a few months and now I can feel a lump there have convinced myself the cancer has spread.


Has anyone else had any of the above symptoms.


Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:





Go get it checked out properly. Ask your GP to refer you to an Onc. You may be able to pick your hospital so a bit of homework would be good.
Don’t get fobbed off. If you have a history of BC, you need a proper check.
It may be nothing to worry about, but if there is cause for concern, the sooner it is addresses the better.

Hi helen I’m halfway thru chemo n have similar symptoms. Sharp pains just under ribs on the right. Rang my bcn n she said blood tests for liver function were fine n told me to see my gp. Went to see gp n he is sending me for an ultrasound!

Hope you get a positive outcome!

Hiya went to see my consultant today, had an ultrasound and he said its just a fatty lump, so relieved xx

Thats good news Helen you must be so relieved. I’ve got ultrasound next Thursday

good luck with yours also xx

Hi helen

Just to let you know I had ultrasound n the radiologist said everything looked normal Except she found a cyst on my ovary and a fibroid in my womb (only small ones tho). Just need to see my gp for the full report. So seems I have nothing to worry about phew!!