Worried about pains in hip, bum,lower left abdomen- MRI next week

I am really worried. I have been getting this intermittent unspecific pain iwhich radiates in my lower left abdomin/ left buttock/ left side and left groin area. I’ve also been getting an ache in the lower left side similar to that felt when ovulating- you know that sharp shooting pain except my periods have stopped ( due to chemo which finished over a month ago). When I stand sometimes my left foot goes numb and I get pins and needles in my left foot.

This has been going on since about March/ april. I was diagnosed in Jan 2012 with Stage 2b lobular grade multifocal- with largest tumor 3.1cm and snb postive ( one +ve node) Had Mx then ANC following positive snb- rest of nodes clear. At time of diagnosis had bone, abdominal and chest scan- which were all clear. Since then I have ultrasound of ovaries are ok. GP also ordered a CA125 test to double check for ovarian cancer- that came back ok. Have had 6 FEC chemo. Now jsut started tamoxifen.

Saw GP who didn’t seem very concerned. Saw onc this week and explained to her I am going nuts worrying about this. The pain has been there on and off since early March ( in fact, it went away for a number of weeks and I forgot about it- now it is back quite badly). It isn;t there all the time, comes and goes during the day and movement doesnt seem ti make it owrse or better. It isn’t a knawing pain, more like an ache. Once said she didn;t think it was cancer related but had ordered an MRI becuase my foot symptoms and there will be a picned nerve somewhere. Anyway, of course I am worrying there is a tumor in my spine or elsewhere pressing on my sciatic nerve. I have jsut come in and my MRI appt is next week- and have just has a major panic. After my shock diagnosis in Jan I know things jsut arent all right all the time and very grim things/ news can happen. Can anyone help? thanks

sorry about typos. I am 37 by the way x

Hi Flower20, sounds like your Onc and GP are doing all the right things and although it is stressful waiting for scans and results I am sure you will get to the bottom of this soon. The only thing I can add is that chemo can take a long time to get out of your system and can create all the symptoms you are describing. I know because I had quite a lot of aches and pains for a long time during and after chemo. I also had numbness in toes which has now gone. Muscles and bones can cause sciatica and you may need some physiotherapy to rebuild strength in your hips etc after the chemo.
Tamixifen can also cause aches and pains so try not to imagine the worst. I know that is easier said than done by the way!!
Try and enjoy the sunshine
Suzanne x

apart from being dx with bc, Sept 11…right MX…3fec and3 tax…now on tamoxifen…I have a lot of trouble with sciatica… I am not a doctor but the symptoms you describe are what I have when my sciatica plays up. I have to have ibuprofen and paracetamol or codiene together…it is v painful and the tingling foot etc is what happens to me…I can’t lay in bed on my right side…it hurts too much when I am having an attack…an orthapaedic mattress helps me…it’s hard but you get used to it…I get a lot of muscle aches with tam but sciatica is in a class of it’s own painwise…physiotherapy also helps…as does a long warm bath…you can also get heat pads…there’s loads of stuff out there for this…best of luck with your MRI…I am 53 by the way but have suffered with sciatica since I was pregnant with my first at 20…M

H Flower,
I can’t comment on your symptoms but as Suzanne has said your GPand ONC are doing the right thing. You are in the worst place at the moment - playing the waiting - it ireally stressful. Somehow kknowing what is going on and what is going to happen enable you to get on with things.
Hold in there and hopefully it will be a simple case of sciatica

Godd luck with the MRI

Hi Flower, Just wondering if you got any resolution to your hip pains? I’m 36 and I’ve been experiencing similar pains, I’m hoping it’s my body getting used to tamoxifen but am getting anxious myself

Hi Flower, Just wondering if you got any resolution to your hip pains? I’m 36 and I’ve been experiencing similar pains, I’m hoping it’s my body getting used to tamoxifen but am getting anxious myself

I see this site is still experiencing problems since I last visited, posting double posts…grrrr!