Worried about PICC Line fitting when veins are not very prominent

Having my PICC line fitted Wednesday and am just so worried as nearly every time I have bloods taken they struggle to find my veins they are not very prominent.  Anyone else already gone through this with similar problems.  Do you think they will be able to do it for me? Thank you 

Hi Patchworkgirl, I had a Hickman line fitted into the clavicle as my veins are absolutely awful it made the chemo much much easier. I believe the PICC line is fairly easy to insert.  If you go onto the May chemo thread there are quite a few ladies who have had PICC lines put in and they will give you info. X

Hi Patchworkgirl,
Don’t worry, it’s not the same as having bloods taken, the line is fitted into a major blood vessel, quite a straightforward procedure, & removes the need for using the peripheral veins.
ann x