Worried about reoccurrance

Hi new to the forum it is now 12 months since I finished treatment WLE ,nodes clear ,Fec x6 And month radium treatment now on Tamoxfin 5 years ,I worked all the way thro treatment only took day off for chemo on fri and returned to work on Monday .had I radiotherapy after work .No real problems I was lucky .but now I am thinking about reoccurrance and secondaries although I have no real reason for this think I am now losing my mind ,any one felt the same

Hi Kathleen289
What your feeling is very normal, after the hospital phase of treatment finishes our minds naturally turn to the future and we can begin to worry about it coming back. Its a fine line between keeping an eye on yourself and starting to worry it I know that I did this, was originally diagnosed 5 1/2 years ago and I spent last 5 years needlessly worrying and allowing that worry to colour and effect my life negativly. As it happens the cancer did come back, you may say I was right to worry but me worrying about it all that time has not made it easier to deal with. In fact I am annoyed at myself for wasting time and energy on something which is really outwith my control. I am not saying dont think about it cause thats unrealistic but I am trying to not overwhelm my life to the extent that I make decsions based on that negative thinking pattern.
Keep as healthy as you can, do regular checks, make wonderful memories with those you love, thats my plan for the next 5 years, its all I can do

Thank you for your reply sorry to hear that the cancer has come back after 51/2 years hope all goes well .I will take your advise and try to live each day as positively as I can

Hi try not to worry… sounds simple but i am sure that most people feel this way. I have had secondary after 18mths but since that i have been clear for over 5 years. As time goes by you should worry less… Life is to short to worry about what if… onwards and upwards live your life to the full.

Thank you for your reply its great news that you have been clear for 5 years now will live life to the full

Hi lupin
thank you for your reply great news that you are clear now as you say life’s too short too worry will live life to the full