Worried about results

Hi all I’m new to all this and very uncomfy tonight!
Was diagnosed on 22sep after a routine mammogram
A lump on rhs breast. Op set up for 3oct. All went well. got particial result on fri and was told I had cancer in lymph nodes and back in yday for removal of them. Still in hospital having a very low moment think this is the wiretap far as I’ve been fairly positive
So at present sitting with drain in and feeling very sore tonight.
I need to wait till 20 Oct now to get my results
I’m dreading it. I’ve had bad feelings everytime I’ve been so far and they’ve been correct

Hi Lui

So sorry you are here but all the ladies are so supportive and know exactly how you are feeling. I had a partial axillary clearance last Friday after one of my nodes contained cancer cells. Luckily mine was done as a day case and didn’t need the drains. Very sore and uncomfortable though. I am waiting now for an appointment to come through for the results. I am already expecting it to be bad news as every other appointment I have been to has. Trying to be positive is very hard when each time you get a knock back but as I keep telling myself, it has to be good news soon surely.

Sending hugs x

Lui - Sorry to hear you are feeling low it will be much better once you are out of hospital. I have had lumpectomy on Monday with Sentinel node removal. The night in hospital was hopeles - I didn’t sleep at all but escaped yesterday lunch time, have now had a really good nights sleep and am much recovered. I too get my results on 20th so will keep my fingers crossed for us both!! I am trying to convince myself that it will be good news but find most of the time it is best not to think too much!!

Hope you get out quickly Val

Hi Valos,

Good to read you had a good nights sleep, i am tossing and turning dreading tomorrow when i have my op, i bet you are glad you are on the other side of yours, now waiting for results patience is golden.
Take care Pat x

Dont know if doin this right this is my first post had my mri scan yesterday dont think it was all real till then trying to be positive but had cervical cancer 7years ago wasnt worried when docs sent for me thought theyd just lost my smear turned out i had cancer which was cured thank goodness was diagnosed on 6th october with breast cancer went doctors with a lump near my nipple was given antibiotics told to go back if didnt clear up which i did was reffered to breast clinic had mammogramme which was clear and ultrasound doctor said was just dense tissue other doctor not happy because he a student doctor and myself could all feel a lump so took 3 tissue samples one from the lump itself again wasnt worried when went for results on the 6th felt like id been hit with a sledge hammer when i was told i had cancer i get my results on friday im so scared of going and so dont want to its all become real after the mri id just had a brand new grandson on the monday as was diagnosed on thursday what a week so scared

Dear angelfish65,

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