Worried Again 2 years later!

I last posted on here in October 2010, with lumpy left boob!, however I had a lump removed 8 years ago in my right boob and in the last week my right boob doesn’t seem right can feel a medium lump on top of boob and nipple is weired not invert but strange?
Do not know whether to go back to Doctors or see how it goes? any advice well be good just feel if I go back to Doctors with lumps in boobs again they will think I am being silly.
Anyone else had a similar thing? am 32 years old my dad’s sister died of BC don’t know if they changes anything?
Thanks for listeningX

Hi All,
Went to GP, got a referral to Breast Clinic next Wednesday, feeling nervous again. keep thinking that they will think I am wasting their time.
Oh Well Keep Calm and Carrying On!

You are not wasting their time at all ! I too am seeing my reconstruction surgeon on Friday . I had my mast in July 2010 and I can feel little lumps on the scar, so I want reassurance that this is just scar tissue or a local reoccurence.
We should always get checked if anything feels strange is what she told me. I having been having pain in the reconstructed breast so need to know what it is , the implant or just stretched too far when I was pegging the clothes out maybe. I am only small and my washing line is too high. Lol .
Sending you postive vibes for your appointment. Love Tracy xxx

Thanks Tracy for your words of support, I know the feeling regarding being short as I am short also!
Hope it all goes well on Friday for you, will be thinking of you

Hi Michelle, you are doing absolutely the right thing to get yourself referred back to the breast clinic. Don’t worry about feeling like you are wasting their time - That is a natural feeling, but rest assured, you are definitely not wasting their time. In the end you know best what is normal for you about how your breasts normally feel and look, and if there are any changes then they need to be checked. Sounds like you have a very good GP and i am happy to hear you can see the clinic so soon. Hopefull it will turn out to be ok for you.
With warmest wishes

Hi Christine,
Thanks so much for your words of support, I am glad I went to GP and my local hospital was 8 week wait so have to travel about an hour to another hospital for the clinic but at least my doctor went to the trouble of looking for a better option.
Feeling nervous at the moment trying not to overreact to the situation but it’s starting to get to me today.
Thanks again

Hi Mhagger

I was feeling the same about being silly about going back to the docs 2 years after being dx-ed with Duct Ectasia. I now have a lump in my breast and put it off for 4 months, thinking it was just a blocked duct or something and that it would sort itself out but as it didn’t, I did go back to the doc and I have an appt at the clinic next Thurs.

My doctor reassured me that I should never feel silly and that she would always rather that I went to see her, even if it turned out to be nothing serious.

I’m wishing you lots of luck for Weds. xx

Hi Catsmother21,
Thanks for your words of support, have now come down with a really bad cold not sure if they will see? does anyone know if they will?
So feeling rough today.
Hope your appointment goes ok on Thursday.


Hi Michelle

So sorry to hear that you’ve come down with a cold, must be the last thing that you need at the moment.

I don’t know if having a cold will affect your appointment but I would speak to the helpline here, their number is:

0808 800 6000

they are trained nurses and I am sure will be able to help you with this. I have spoken to them myself and the nurse that I spoke to answered everything that was bothering me and was really kind and calm which in turn helped to calm me down as well.

Thank you so much for hoping that my appt goes well on Thurs. I am starting to get really nervous now but I am trying to keep myself distracted and am even cleaning things that don’t need cleaning just to keep myself busy!!

I hope the nurses at the helpline can reassure you and once again all the best for Weds and it would be nice if you could let me know how you got in if you feel up to it. I should imagine that it is going to be a stressful day.

Cats xx

My appointment has been changed to next Wednesday now, so another week of worrying!! just wanted to moan really, sorry everyone about that!

Oh no - I’m sorry this has happened. The waiting is hard enough as it is without it being put back further. Was it because of your cold?


Hi Catsmother21,

No, just got a message changing appointment, going next Wednesday, feeling nervous today.
Let me know how you get on tomorrow.

Will do xxxx

Good morning Michelle

Just popped back to wish you all the best for today and hope that your results are good.

Will pop back to see how you got on as well.

Thinking of you.


Hi Debs,

Had my appointment this morning and it’s good news, I have enlarged ducts but not showing anything wrong with them Thank God!, I have to keep an eye on them incase they start to discharge but for now all clear.

Glad it went well for you and take careXX

Thanks again to everyone on here for all your support

So pleased for you. :slight_smile:

Take very good care of yourself.

Fantastic news xxx

Me Again,
I went to appointment last week and they said I have enlarge ducts to keep an eye on them, the radiologist took a look and said the same?? but am in so much pain and discomfort again worst now then before I had my appointment, does anyone know of similar situation?
The breast is warm and enlarged even more please advise? I have been to doctors to see if they have the feedback letter to my Dr but nothing yet and I am to try again tomorrow. Should I get a 2nd option?
Feeling so sad and in painXXXX

So sorry you are in pain, I would give them a phone and see if they could fit you in, explain to them the changes, phone as soon as you can, hopefully all will be fine and you will be able to stop worrying, take care and hugs to you xx

Hi katytc,
thanks for the reply, have called and left message at the breast clinic and tried emailing, so hopefully get a response soon.
Take carexx