worried aghain

Hi Girls
it is nearly 2 years since my first diagnosis, due for a mamogram in March, lately i have noticed that the breast I was operated on has become very itcy, and I have very dry red and itchy area around the nipple, I can’t explain how I feel, but I know the breast has changed I have a pain in the other side, under my rib cage, and am losing my apetite, I am also only able to eat soft foods, without getting severe indegestion,
has anyone else had these symptoms, or am I worrying needlessly

Hello Heather

Sorry to hear about your symptoms. I think you should see your GP as soon as possible and get an earlier appointment for mammogram and/or referral to the breast surgeon. March is too long to wait. It’s probably nothing but you need to make sure and you will worry about this until you have done something about it. If you have difficulty getting an earlier appointment you could try calling your BCN.

When you talk about your pain ‘in the other side’ do you mean on the left? If so this sounds like an ulcer or something else to do with your stomach. I’ve had stomach and gut problems for years and it sounds like the way my stomach behaves sometimes - I think you need to get this looked at too. Be sure to mention it to your GP.

I hope you get an appointment quickly.

Let us know what happens.
Best wishes
Anthi x