Worried and confused

I found a lump last week and got an urgent referral. During the appointment there was talk of a cyst from several of the staff (initial examination and mammogram), but after they did a core biopsy they said they suspected a “cystic cancer”. I’m confused about how a visual inspection of the tissue/fluid withdrawn during the biopsy could reveal this and why they would give me this information before actually getting the results. Now I have to sit quaking in my boots for two weeks wondering if they told me this because the actual diagnosis is going to be so spectacularly awful that I had to be braced for the very worst. Has anyone else had an experience like this? What does it all mean? Am I just over-reacting?

Danni ? glad you’ve found the forum. Please use the ask the nurse facility on here, they will be able to help answer your questions. I know your head will be going ?just now, but please keep positive, till anyone tells you you do have bc you do not have it. I know they’ve muttered suspected from your post below which isn’t great terminology to use, but remember it is just suspected till you are told otherwise. ? if it does turn out it is, please know your teams have seen it all before and will know what to do. And also the :heart:And ?on here if you do need us is just a post away ?I am sure others will post to you soon too with any help they can give you too. ??:sparkles::sparkles:Shi xx