Worried as test for HER2 not done

I have not had my tumour tested for HER2 and am getting worried about this as I am borderline for chemo. I am 46 and had grade 1 tumour, oestrogen pos ,11mm, node neg done in Jan and have been asked to decide on chemo /rads/tamox or zoladex/rads/tamox. Have been told that not all primary invasive tumours are tested for HER2 as per the National Guidance and that oncologist decides on who has it and who does not. Is this the same in some other hospitals. Should I request it to be done. Can anyone understand why it was not done. Will be speaking to oncologist tomorrow to tell her what treatment I want.

Sorry I cannot help, I thought all tumours were tested for hormone receptors and HER2

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i think you need to check with her what the results were…

sometimes there is so much info given we don’t take it in. ask what you were tested for, but oestrogen pos is good so i think you are ok… but you need to ask

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with your pathology I am surprised they have suggested chemo if you are Her2- but you need to ask

I am HER+ and have started on Herceptin but am Oestrogen- mine was grade 3.I didnt know at the time that it had been tested so assume it is automatically done here,I am under St Helens and Knowsley.I had chemo first as tumour was 6cms.

Ask the question.

Meant to add I think you have to have chemo to have Herceptin any way