Worried, back pain

Hiya everyone
I’m getting very worried and wondered if anyone could help. I finished radiotherapy 3 weeks ago and have been on tamoxifen for 3 months. I started with upper back pain 2 weeks ago. Its really strange, sometimes it feels as though its my bra strap area, sometimes my neck and sometimes below my bra strap. I have no pain at night or 1st thing in the morning. My rt shoulder blade has an area that is very tender to touch (just underneath in the soft tissue). I sound like a real hypochondriac, but i am so worried. I was only diagnosed in june and had no nodes effected, it cant possibly be bone secondaries can it??? Please help
Julie X

Hi Julie,

Firstly I do not think you are a hypochondriac, you are body aware now. That’s OK, we just need to try not to panic. I was the same and still am. I had a pain across my back and lower arm during treatment. I have pains along my collar bone and have headaches so I tend to think, oh God is this spreading. I have had mri scans in September that showed no spread but the niggle doesn’t go away.
How I cope is to think is ‘well I am still in the hospitals care, I can raise these concerns and they will take them seriously’. I rationalise the pains in the morning by acknowledging I sleep badly because of the effected balance in my body since the mastectomy. In other words my left arm no longer rests on my boob it falls lower thereby causing my shoulder to drop across my collar bone more etc etc.

I think you are just fine but if you are worried speak to your BC Nurse and if you are still not at ease ask for another appointment with the consultant. I would say see your GP but going my my experience they don’t give much reassurance but will do blood tests if you insist.

Take care


Thankyou Carol
I got myself so worked up i saw my G.P. this a.m. He took bloods for bone profile to rule out my worst fears. I now have to wait until friday for results. How do we go on living without fear?
It’s going to be a long 4 days! Thankyou for replying, it has helped
Julie X

Hi Julie

try not to worry.

I got myself in a right state a couple of weeks ago as I had rib pain for weeks on and off. I was convinced it was back and went back to onc who said he was sur eit wasnt but I could have a chest x ray just to be sure. It came back clear and as soon as i knew that amazingly all the pain went.!!! Its amazing what the mind can do.
I think we get a pain ( like everyone else does) and we focus on it which perpetuates it and it becomes a vicious circle. Also its interesting you dont get it in the night - neither did I - that’s because you are not thinking about it!!! If it was anything sinister it wouldn’t go away for the night.Unfortunately worry is a legacy of this cr*p disease.
Love Alise

Alise x

Hi everyone. I too was conviced that “it” had come back when I had a achey twinge under my boob, just where the ribcage is. “it” hadn’t , and like Alise, mine disappeared when the clinic said you can’t get it there and anyway it dosn’t start like that.

Yes you are right Alise, the legacy of this C**p disease is that the worry never seems to away. So those kind people who say you’ll be able to put it all behind you now, are talking out of their deriere, as well meaning as their comments are meant.


Hi Julie,

I was glad to hear you went to get things checked for your own piece of mind, and like the others yes this will always be with us sometimes big and overwhelming other times tucked neatly at the back of everyday life.

Can I offer a quote by Dr Terry Priestman:

'So try to think about the people you love, the things you enjoy, the positives that make life worthwhile for you, and put these at the front of your mind as the reasons for winning your way through and seeing a new tomorrow and countless more after that. (Coping With Breast Cancer p 66).

Take girls


Hi Julie … I’ve been thinking of you this week, and wondering what the results were of your blood tests. I’ve not heard of a bone-profile before (at least - not in our neck of the woods). I trust all was well, but feel free to phone me if you want a chat. In a funny way it must be harder for you to deal with the worry of early aches and pains - because you didn’t have the whole-body checks at diagnosis (like us node-positive patients tend to have - to help stage us).
Hugs - Andrea

Hi Julie I do hope the results were good news.
Isnt it if there is calcium in your blood they suspect bone secondaries, I dont know just something i heard once.

Carol i have copied that quote and i think i will print it out in large letters and stick it on my bedside cabinet its absolutely excellent and apt for me.

Take Care


One of the markers they know if bone involvement is present is in your Alkaline Phosphatase which is an enzyme found in cells that make bone. Mine was abnormally high 3 years ago but I had severe pain in my spine also which wouldn’t go away (left it for a couple of weeks and then went to the GP). It turned out that I have spine mets but it’s like anything, we all have aches and pains and are probably more aware of our bodies than people who haven’t had b.c. but I always think ‘give it a week or so and if it hasn’t gone away by then go to your GP or oncologist to have it checked out’.

Calcium is one part of the indicators but not the whole picture.


Hi everyone,
My results were fine!!! Alk phos, calium etc.
My G.P. still wants me to have a scan if the pain is still with me in a couple of weeks. I have onc appt next week so she will hopefully examine me and decide if i really do need further tests. i feel a little better with th blood results though. A lady i spoke to had a very similar pain after her radiotherapy and it took 2 months to go!?
Thankyou for replying
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