Worried beyond belief about operation!

Hi, I’m 22 and having a lump in my breast removed on the 12th April. I’m mostly worried because I am now experiencing a lot more problems with the breast other than the lump and it could be something sinister.

In a completely seperate area from the lump there is large area of hardening of the breast tissue which is also quite painful. Obviously just removing the lump they will not be able to investigate this area.

I also have found another lump just above the nipple but quite deep in, it’s pea-size, unmoveable and hard. I’m guessing this is just a blocked milk duct?

Also…does anyone know if I will have dissolvable stitches or if I will need them taken out?

Sorry for the ranting and all the questions, just really concerned!

Sorry to hear that your have more worries at the moment. Do you have a BCN? or you could contact your breast clinic and tell them your concerns im sure they would be happy to check on any new symptoms to put your mind at rest. If you had a mammo/ultrasound its proberly unlikely to be anything sinister but you should always get any new symtoms checked .
I had a WLE ( lumpectomy) 3 years ago and was realy worried about the op at the time ( mainly the aneasetic worried me) but it was absolutely fine and i had very little pain after so please try not to worry to much about the op , i didnt have any stitches removed im not sure if i had dissolvable stitches either but i did have steri strips under the dressing , i had a 2.3cm IDC tumour.
I would give your breast clinc a ring to put your mind at rest as you will only worry , good luck for 12th April and please let us know how you get on.
All the best
Linda x

Hi Clairedibdin
Sorry to hear about your worries and the operation you are facing. I remember my mum having a lump removed years ago and her GP had thought it was something sinister and it turned out to be harmless. Lots of people have lumpy, bumpy breasts (I certainly do/did) however it’s good they are removing the lump and I’m sure they won’t ignore the other symptoms you are having if you point them out. Did you have an ultrasound scan at all of your whole breast?

It’s a really worrying time and I do so feel for you.
Ruby xx

Sorry you are having so many worries, l just wanted you to know the stitches l had were removed, there was just one long one, and l never felt it, so if you are worried about it being removed, there is no need.
As for your lump, only your specialist can help you, you will need to speak to your bcn as soon as you can, they ‘MAY’ need to do another mammogram or ultra scan, the sooner it is done the better, you don’t want anything to hold up the hospital date you already have!
Good Luck, hope your fears are unfounded
Sandra X

I had a WLE/SNB last September. I think the stitches depend on the hospital. Mine were dissolving ones under steri-strips. I was worried about the anaesthetic but it was absolutely fine and I went home the same day, at my request. Good luck!

Ann x

Hello Claire
please give your bcn a shout as soon as you can so that you can talk things through with her, both about the new issues worrying you and the operation.
I’ve found the bcn team to be so helpful and supportive, and they have always taken my queries seriously and helped me to resolve them.
I hope things go well for you and I’ll be thinking of you
monica xxx

Dear MsClaireyPants,

I just wanted to remind you that you can also give our Helpline a ring during this worrying time to talk things through. They will be open today from 9.00-2.00pm and can offer information and support for you. The number is 0808 800 6000.

Very best wishes

BCC Facilitator

Hi guys, just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help/support. I tried to speak to a breast care nurse but was told there were none available to talk to. So I’ll have to try tomorrow again.

I know I’m young so it’s very unlikely to be anything serious, just can’t help worrying because there’s so many symptoms etc :frowning:

Will let you all know x

Hello. I had stitches which dissolved when I had my WLE and they were no problem at all.

Make sure that your BCN knows about the other areas which are worrying you so that if necessary they can do another ultrasound before your operation.

Try not to worry and let us know what happens.
Best wishes
Anthi x

Hi guys, just to let you know, I had my lumpectomy on Monday. Still in quite a lot of pain. Had my dressings changed by the nurse yesterday and was shocked by how disfigured the nipple/breast was. I know I had to expect a bit of change afterwards, but this is quite bad.

Anyway, it’s on;y a cosmetic thing and I’m sure it will get better.

Get my results on 4th of May so just need to play the waiting game. Hope all you ladies are okay :slight_smile:

Hi MsClaireyPants

Its early days for your surgery and you have much healing to do. Your breast is probably still swollen and it takes months for the scar to settle down.Yes its cosmetic but its your body and none of us want to be scarred.

Take care

Julia xx

Hiya hun,

Hope your feeling a little better today. Did they stitch you dissolveables? I’ve requested this time as on my last op they put staples in, I have about 8 in one breast and 5 in the other but I was allergic to them, lol, nothing ever straight forward with me :slight_smile:

Also did you mention your other concerns, have you had them investigated?

Thinking of you


Thanks for the kind reply Heidi - it’s not even real stitched they’ve used!!!

It’s Steristrips (sorry about the spelling!) I only found out when the nurse visited to change my dressings.

I suppose that’s a lot less hassle, the nurse said that I should wait until tomorrow (exactly a week after op) and go for a bath and soak them off. They’re all crusted with blood so I’m not sure if they’re ready to come off yet, I’ll wait and see tomorrow!

The surgeon came to speak to me before the operation and I told him I’d found another one, he had a wee feel and said to keep an eye on it and if it gets bigger etc, to go back and see them.

Hope you’re well x