Worried but optomistic

Hi all,

New to the site as i was looking for more info and this seemed the best site i could find!

Found what i thought was a lump, went to my docs and she said it was ‘thickening’, didn’t know what this meant so read through this website and found loads of info! she has refered me to the breast clinic and i already have my appointment, i only went to the docs on Tuesday and my appointment is the 25th Feb, when she did the exam she seemed to concentrate on my armpit and she never said if she actually found anything there or not?!

I am only 27 and don’t have any history of BC in the family, i have had some discharge from my nipple but it changes colours from clear/brownish to milky but its very sticky and only comes out when the nipple is squeezed.

I think i am a very optomistic person but this has me worried slighty as all the signs are pointing to BC, however what else could it be with these symptoms?

Any advice from all you very brave women would be greatly apperciated!

Thank you

Soph x

Hi Soph

Following your recent referral, I just thought I would post to tell you about one of our publications which you may find a useful read. It covers the subject of referral to a breast clinic and will give you an insight as to what will happen at clinic.

I do hope you find it a helpful read.

Here is the link:


Kind regards.


Hi Soph

I’m not sure what else this could be,especially with the discharge. There are lots of benign conditions also. I had a thickening in one area about 10 years ago which turned out to be ok. They said it was just dense glandular breast tissue which was common in younger women, but as you say it is also a sign of BC. Hopefully everything will be ok for you. Will anyone be going with you on the day of your appointment as that extra support is really important.

We were only saying on another thread how this waiting game is so difficult as there is rarely a moment where the issue is not at the forefront of your mind. Be strong and try to keep positve which is difficult even if you are a positive person.

Fingers crossed and good luck for the 25th.

Also the helpline is really good for answering questions and giving support. I have phoned them a couple of times and felt better.
Take care

My Twin sis will be going with me as she is just as worried as me.

This has only been an issue since Tuesday and already it has become all consuming so i can totally understand about what the next few weeks have in store for me, i just hope they are able to give me some info on the day of my appointment rather than waiting to hear the results of anything.

When you have the mammogram/ultrasound, if they DO see anything will they tell me or just send me on my way and make me wait to find out?

Soph x

Hi Soph

It’s difficult to say, everywhere is different. I was fortunate to have the mammogram/ultrasound and biopsy in one day and then given my results. It was a long morning but good to have it all out of the way. To put your mind at ease you could always phone the clinic and ask them what to expect on the day and whether you have to wait or not. Check out the link that louise gave you it gives you some idea of what to expect.

It will be a tough two weeks. Take care

good idea! see i am all over the shop at the mo, will call the clinic tomorrow and find out what thier ‘Standard’ procedure is.

Thanks for the info Dee

Soph x

Let us know how you get on


Spoke to the clinic, they won’t tell me on the day but said i would be given an appointment about a week after to discuss any results, so all in all about 3 weeks of worry, hard to concentrate at work today as its all i can think about, but still staying positive and thinking to myself ‘9/10 lumps are nothing!’

That is my new mantra and i plan to stick with it!

Soph x

hi soph

my heart goes out to you

i found a lump and was shocked at its size, the doctor was obviously very concerned as i had an appointment in the post the following day for 12 days later.
for the next two weeks i did nothing but cry - i was so worried.
i went on wednesday and it was a 4cm cyst, which was drained there and then - please keep saying and believing your mantra as it is true.
the clinic was like a conveyer belt - i was so shocked at the number of ladies there, however most of them didn’t have breast cancer.

like you i had a history of nipple leaking, during my second pregnancy my left breast bled, but samples came back normal. i had a breast abcess 12 years earlier while breast feeding my first baby so i expect it was still this playing up. what i am trying to say is that a history of issues still doesn’t always add up to BC - but everything needs to be checked out.

please keep in touch on here, it is a great source of comfort, and let us know how you get on.

you are in my thoughts.

denise x

Just wanted to air some worries, not been sleeping well since i went to the docs and the wait is killing me! i just wish it was here and they could tell me what it is.

I can’t stop prodding and poking, it feels different, i don’t know how just different.

family and friends have been great and have all offered support and a shoulder to cry on and an ear to listen.

Hurry up 25th!

Soph x


I know how you are feeling, I found a lump back in nov but was sent home by 2 doctors with yes i can feel what you are feeling but don’t worry about it!!! so gave it a while before going back again. went on monday & now i have been referred. just waiting now for an appointment, i’m feeling ok at the monment but i’m sure once i have a date i will start to worry more.
i’m 99% sure i’ll be fine but that 1% is still getting to me.

good luck & keep us posted. please feel free to send me a message if you would like to have a chat about what we are going though xx

soph & twinmum - thinking of you both - the waiting is just torture - too much time to think but hopefully will bring good news, the first clinic I went to had 94 patients to be seen that afternoon!! Manly new patients too - so it shows how common problems are…mary x


I have just read your post and I’m in the same position. I found a lumpy area on Sunday, wnet to doc’s yesterday who instantly seemed very concerned and I have an appointment on the 25 th too. I’m feeling just like you- can’t get it out of my mind and keep prodding and poking which convinces me even more that I have the cancer.

I hope all goes well with you but might help to know that we’re both going through the same feelings at the same time.

Thinking of you

Well i hope your appointment goes well freddiecider, i will be thinking of you x

please let me know how it goes.

Soph x


Just wondering how you’re getting on.

I was much more positive earlier in the week but the closer the appointment gets the more worried I am. I’m sure the lumpy area is getting bigger by the minute.

ROll on 25 th


Hi Soph and all

Just wondering how you are doing and hope you are managing to sleep and carry on as close to normal as possible. Prodding and poking is really normal when you first discover a lump but you can start to imagine all sorts of changes. I kept asking my husband if it increased in size and he ensured me it wasn’t and that it was just my imagination. So hang in there I’ll be thinking of you on the 25th.
Good luck to you all!

Hope the 25th brings you good news, will be thinking of you this week, the waiting is hard but not long left now x

Hi all, Firstly thank you to all for your kind word of support and encouragement, it means so much :slight_smile:

As the 25th gets closer i am still sticking to my mantra that 9/10 lumps are nothing! My partner has been a tower of strength and without her i don’t know what i would have done! Having just read the news i found 3 stories about cancer, its like when you are pregnant and everywhere you look there are babies and pushcahirs! I hope that the 25th brings welcome news that its nothing but a cist or my imagination playing tricks!

Good luck also to those who are also waiting for appts!

I will be online the evening of the 25th to post any news i have, although they said i would not get anything for a further week i will let you know how it went.

Take care and my very best wishes to you all

Soph x

will be thinking positive thoughts for you all girls…take care, mary x

Hi Freddiecider, just wanted to wish you the best for tomorrow, you will be in my thoughts x

Sophie x