Worried - discharge and dark mole on affected breast

I was diagnosed a year ago, have had WLE, chemo, ads. Now on Herceptin & Tamox. This morning I noticed what seems to be a discharge from the nipple. Also I I have noticed a small very dark mole has appeared on the nipple. I am sure it wasn’t there before. As it is on the underside of the nipple it is not something I would notice easily, so not sure exactly how long it has been there - maybe a couple of weeks.
I really don’t want to sound paranoid and rush to the docs all the time (have been there a lot recently anyway due to problems with asthma) so thought I would ask what you all think on here. I have an appointment for my first mammogram since diagnosis but that isn’t for another 5 weeks.


You are not going to stop worrying until you get some answers.

I think that you should phone your Breast Care Nurse and explain what is happening. She is the best person to contact and will know what best to do.


I got a nipple discharge during rads and all sorts of skin changes - as your rads were fairly recent it could easily be connected to that. But get it checked out anyway - it’s perfectly reasonable to expect your doctor to take a look. Hope it’s all ok.
finty x

I rang my BCN this morning and she doesn’t think there is anything to worry about, but she has booked me in to the clinic for next week just to reassure me.


Glad you made the decision to contact the BCN. It’s best to be seen for your reassurance and just in case there is a problem. You won’t rest until you know and next week is not too far away.

Will keep my fingers crossed for you.