worried i may have breast cancer

Seven months ago I experienced pain in my breasts and woke up to an abrasion on both of my breast. Two doctors told me that I scratched my self and another one said that a spider probably bit me. Anyhow I did get a doctor to send me for a mammo but since i has abrasions the radiologist skipped the mammo and did an ultrasound. I was told 7 months ago that i had cyst and to follow up in 6 months. The follow up ultrasound showed that i have low suspicion of malignancy BIRADS 3 Probably Benign and that I needed to follow up again in 6 months. 


I’m worried that 6 months from now it will be much more severe. Has anyone else experienced this? If so what advice can you give?


Hi Self-love,

I’m not familiar with BIRADS but just thought I’d suggest you post in the ask a nurse section of the forum.

I hope you get some responses which reassure you and clarify the situation.