Worried it might be back

Hello to old friends if they are still on here and also to anyone who has joined since I was last active (I went through one site upgrade and at my last panic they were upgrading this site again and now we have another one - you guys are busy at BCC !!!)


Worried again as I have noticed that the end of my nipple in my “good breast” has gone pink, feels sore and my breast feels uncomfy at night - been like this since saturday.


Have my regular checkup with the onc this coming Friday but mamo and eco and x-ray are 3 months old (takes ages to get the apointment here where I live in Spain) so I am going to pay for a private mamo and eco to take with me so at least the onc has up to date info.


Really angry right now as I just don’t want to my life intereferred with like this - I have a great summer planned !


OH went to the dentist for some root canal treatment and am feeling it hard to be sympathetic - I would glady swap a few teeth right now for some good news. Not fair of me really - I know that. Antibiotics do make you feel lousy and tired at first …


Am in a panic and it may be nothing to worry about but you know how it is … did a quick internet search and found things relating to breast feeding and erotica hardly helpful … 


Am writing on here as I have to tell someone and like to keep all of this very private. If anyone has any info to share (good or bad) would be grateful.


Good luck one and all

FizBix xx


Hi FizBiz

Hope you got good news.