Hi im nearly in my second year of breast cancer,doing fine,but for the last few weeks i havent been my self i cant put my finger on it.My daughters and a few other people have commented how pale im looking,it is strange for me to be this colour,and i am very tired all of the time although i havent said that to anyone. There wasnt any lymph nodes involved in my breast cancer although they do suspect i have the hereditry gene which they are testing for now,can i get secondry cancer when lymphs were not involved?how likly would it be? I Dont usually give the cancer a second thought,but something is niggling me at the minute.Thanks xx

Hi, sorry, I can’t answer the BC questions but I would go to your GP to check you are not anaemic. That could make you pale and tired, I know as I often have the same problem.
Take care, best wishes x

You could phone them on the helpline as they know all this stuff but a visit to the GP sounds a good idea as well. Hope all goes well x

I’d contact your breast clinic for reassurance, also see your GP.

There is a lot going round at the moment, so you may have even picked up a bug. I had one over the weekend and felt very run down for a few days in the lead up to it. Things like that can make you wonder if anything else can be wrong. Prior to discharging me from treatment, my oncologist said sometimes bugs or aches and pains can become very magnified in your imagination after you have been through a trauma with cancer.

It may the time of year when everyone gets stressed out about xmas and money have a chat with your gp and let him know how anxious you are and feeling tired all the time he might send you for some blood test you may be a bit run down there is a lot of reason why you are feeling like this but breast cancer may not be the answer try and not worry till you know what you are dealing with take care

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