Worried that I have breast cancer

Well after A two week wait for my stereo core biopsy results to come back I have finally been and seen the breast surgeon, he has recommended I have a localised wire exicional biopsy as the breast calcifications and tissue are still showing abnormal, I have got to have the biopsy done on the 19th sept, im going onholiday on the 26th, will I be ok to fly do I have to inform the insurance what I have had done, the breast surgeon can not see any problems with me going, I had an operation in 2010 to remove my breast ducts and had lotsnofbproblems after that, any advice would be much appreciated, xxxxx

Hi mardijane

Welcome to the forums and I know that you will be recieving lots of help and support from our online community. In the meantime, please do give our freephone helpline a call who will be able to talk through any issues or questions you might have. 0808 800 6000, they are open Monday to Friday 9-5 and Saturday 10-2.

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I don’t know anything about your situation but this will give your post a bump, meanwhile keep your chin up and all my best wishes to you M

Hi Mardijane

Sorry you’ve got to hang around with us a bit longer. Yes - definitely tell your insurance company. If you don’t and you need the cover (even if it’s unrelated) they could use non-disclosure as a reason to refuse any claim.

They may need a letter from your BS or GP saying that it’s OK for you to go.

Hope you have a good time on hol - will you get the definitive results before you go?


Thank you for your comments, dj I hope I get some answers,from mammo till seeing the surgeon today has been a month, a VERY long month, my hubby is going to ring the insurance on Monday, but he is very reluctant to go on holiday now, when I had my duct removedout my left breast in 2010 I had a very bad infection and had to go to nurse at gp’s every other day to have dead skin removed and new dressings put on, I also now he is very scared by all this as he watched my twin sister pass away with breast cancer, I thought that surely lightening could nit strike twice, but that’s just my luck all overI were are going to travel agents to see if we can postpone the holiday for a few weeks, again many thanks for your comments, xxxxx

Im still in shock, it looks like I might not b able to go on holiday after all, and I can’t believe that I have to have the biopsy done on my birthday, it is hard enough for me to deal with that day as since I lost my twin sister to breast cancer I struggle on our birthday big time, I miss her so much still, she died a week after our 39th birthday, I never thought lightning could strike twice but it looks like it has, I’m so worried, any support or comments would be very much appreciated,thank you,mxxxx

Dear mardijane

I am so sorry to hear about the tough time you are having.

Could I suggest you give our helpline a call as Poppy mentioned in her post. It is staffed by experienced nurses and specially trained workers with a personal or professional experience of breast cancer. It might help to talk over your worries with them.

Take care

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I would like to get involved in the forum Sore breast for three weeks went to Gp FOUND LUMP but she said it is mobile and this is a good sign is this true
going to clinic next week