Worried young adult

I was diagnosed with breast fibroadenoma when I was a teenager and have a large b9 cyst that causes me no problems. Recently I have discovered a large indentation on the curve of my breast (lower) and a scary looking vein at same place so have seen a doctor who has reffered me to breast clinic for further scans.

On examination. Doctor found another lump right where indentation and vein is.

I’m currently breast feeding.

Has anyone had anything similar with good or bad results? This waiting game for appointments is terrible!!!

I forgot to add. Indentation is only when arm is lifted.

hi Lemoncurd,
Well, its good you’ve been referred even though it is an anxious time.
Most breast changes, whatever they are, do NOT turn out to be bc & the clinic deals with all breast conditions not just bc.
If you can, just try & carry on as normal & although easier said than done, distract yourself from it until the appointment.
ann x

Thank you Ann-m.
It’s very difficult to not think about it.
Obviously google is the worst thing to do but difficult not to. Wondering why it’s considered more a C risk when the indentation is only when I raise my arm (according to google)

Best to step away from google, lemoncurd, as it only creates a whole shed load of anxiety which you dont need at the mo.
The clinic will resolve it for you & bc is the LEAST likely thing it will be.
Let us know how you get on.
ann x

Thanks Ann.
Yes I know google is not my best friend! Must step away from that and prodding at my breast myself. Appointment prior to scan is this week. It can’t come fast enough. Hope you are having a good Easter weekend.

Had my appointment this morning and have been referred for a scan. The doctor discribed ‘thicknening’ where the indentation is. ?

Well, that’s good to hear, lemoncurd, although obviously it is normal to feel anxious when waiting.
let us know how you get on