I am waiting for a appointment for breast clinc suppose to be seen before the 12th the problem I am having now is really bad pain in my bad on the right hand side same side nipple is inverted and swelling is could it all be related pain killers not working on my back pain I know I aint banged it or anything I am getting worried as normal I am well I hope my appointment comes soon as I am due to go away in august

sorry, you have a typo there is there pain in your breast and back, or just your back??

I am not a medic, but I never thought pain was a sign of early breast cancer. But if you now have new pain and swelling in your breast then i would go back to the doctor. It could be as simple as an infection that could be cleared up by antibiotics, as well as the changes that are to be investigated.

Or maybe youu are the same as most of us waiting for the appointment and have been poking and feeling your breast at every opportunity. Lots of little prods are as bad as one big bang. I remember several weeks ago someone was worried that a purple patch had developed until someone suggeted it might be a bruise.

Wating for the session at the clinic is realy a bad time. and it is evan worse when you dont even have the date yet.

Go back to your gp about your recent concerns and he will help see what that is all about, and he might be able to put pressure on the hospital–they are in a bad position not keeping to the two week guidline so i am sure you are going to get a cancellation or double booking soon.