Here goes ! I posted on this site about 18 months ago and was reassured by fantastic and inspiring ladies. I’m 28 and 18 months ago went to breast clinic with a change in the size of my right breast, I had u/s scan and the radiographer and doc said all was fine :slight_smile: fast forward and I now have a lump and thickened area on the same breast on the outer edge towards armpit. I can remember the radiographer running the scanner on this area a few times ! I have shown my husband and mum whom both said it needs looking at but I convinced myself to leave it couple weeks to see if this goes down I cannot bear all the anxiety what comes with the tests :frowning: I know I must go as it is still there 1 week later. I do not have periods due to mirena coil and have lost aunt on mums side to breast cancer about 10 years ago. Xxxx

hello Jojobutton

I am ever so sorry to hear of your worries but you have come to the right place to get all the info, help and reassurance you require at this difficult time. Please give the helpline a ring if you feel the need to have a chat with a trained professional. I phoned them when I was worried sick at the beginning of my journey and got such comfort and helpful advise and felt able to ask anything without feeling a total numpty. You are in my thoughts

Hugs from Alanaa xxx

Thank you for your speedy reply I will use the helpline if I get a bit overwhelmed :frowning: I feel because I am young it will be most likely fine and don’t want to waste anyone’s time or worrie anyone, but deep down I know I have to go to my gp. I was just hoping it might go away ! My right breast is still larger as it was when I had the earlier appointment but hasn’t grown since then so that’s good :slight_smile: jojo xxxxx

Hi JoJo

So sorry that you find yourself back here again - but you know the score… Call your GP on Monday, get an urgent appointment and get a rapid referral back to the breast clinic.

Hopefully it’s still nothing to worry about, but the sooner you get it checked out the sooner either your mind will be put at rest, or you’ll get the treatment you need.

I’m sure you were told this before - DON’T GOOGLE! There’s loads of rubbish info out there and you’ll frighten yourself to death.

Come here for virtual hand holding while you wait for your appointments - the waiting is the worst - and let us know how get get on.


Hi Jojo,
Please go to the doctor and get it checked. I know from my experience that the prognosis is really good if you follow it up quickly. I am in a very positive position - have a 3 inch scar on the side and am facing just a bit of rads - but it was made very clear to me that it is all down to chasing it up with the medics as soon as possible.

As has been said - dont google it - but rest assured that even if it is the one in ten option and it is something nasty, you will get a lot of help and support to sort it out. I was in a very dark place a month ago - and the medics have been fantastic. Of course I really hope it is nothing to worry about - but please dont ignore it.

love light peace to you
ps - forgot to say - both the nurses and the other women on here are wonderful too - this community has become my second home!!! Thanks ladies xxxx

Thank you for your comments I have an appointment with practice nurse about an unrelated matter tomorrow so will mention it to her and hopefully get refered. It’s been bothering me yesterday, I can see it when I look in mirror as I have small breasts (a cup) it feels like a lump but around it it’s gristley, lumpy thickened and covers prob a couple centimetres. When I was in bed last night I could feel it against my arm and couldn’t get comfortable, not sure if this is cause I’m anxious. Can anyone maybe give me some idea what it could be other then BC I feel like I’m going mad ! I felt fine when I first found it but with every passing hour I feel a little more anxious :frowning: xxx

Hello Jojo

there can be many reasons for your symptoms but best to get it checked as soon as possible. Please ease your mind and phone the lovely trained nurses at the helpline number above. I am sure a chat with them will be most helpful to you at this time.

Do keep your chin up and I am thinking of you.

Love Alanaa xx

Hi, I was dx in sept with bc. Before this I had a papilloma which felt oblong! That was removed. Since I was dx, I have also had two cysts aspirated also have another lump which I had a biopsy and us and turned out to be breast tissue. Whatever you have got, any lump or change you need to get it checked out and the sooner the better. Good luck x

Hi all thanks for your reassurances it’s helped lots :slight_smile: well I went to see nurse and she booked me an appointment with doc 2hrs later. I have just returned and feel much better. He is referring me but had a good look and feel and said it does not feel suspicious :slight_smile: he said it did not feel to have jagged edges and moved abit, also it feels more like sheeted as apposed to a definate lump. He said they will do ultrasound and if they see cysts drain them there and then or maybe take biopsy. So just having a professional feel it and say this has helped :-). I explained about family history too xxx

Here again! Sorry :frowning: well am still waiting for an appointment to clinic but the docs surgery phoned today, when I went to the nurse yesterday she took blood tests cause I had been feeling run down and tired for a number of weeks (it was her who made me appointment with doc about breast) well at lunch time that called to say I need a further blood test in 2 weeks for monitoring something in my blood which is not right. So now I’m thinking would my blood show a change if I had BC ? My mind is swirling !!! Xxxx

Hello Jojo

I asked my ONC if my breast cancer would not have shown up in my blood test and he said that very few cancers are detected via blood tests so don’t get to worried about it. Might be that you are lacking in iron or vitamine etc. Hopefully you won’t have to wait to long for your appointments to come through.

Will be thinking of you

Hug to you from Alanaa xx

Thank you for your comments they have helped :slight_smile: well I have my appointment through for breast clinic for thurs 2nd feb. Hopefully all will be resolved and I can enjoy my little girls birthday on sat. Really hope everything will be fine xxx

Well I must say will be glad to get back to work tomorrow, have too much time to think on a weekend ! Thursday won’t feel so far away then. But on the bright side all housework done with trying to keep busy and take my mind off things, roll on Thursday at least I’ll know one way or the other xxx

Thankfully its good news, they said I have multiple small cysts. They are not cancerous but he said I need to be very breast aware and report any new changes not to assume they are cysts. I must say the staff were lovely and very understanding. I was abit worried at one point cause after been scanned they called me back in for doctor to rescan me, my heart was beating so fast ! Xxx

What fab news, JJB, I’m so pleased for you! Thank you for coming back to tell us your good news, we like any excuse to jump up and down and cheer.

And to raise a glass or two CM.
Great News JJB

JD, you might need an excuse, I sure don’t! :wink: