Hi all

Ive been a bit worried as a few weeks ago i developed what looks like a small round patch of dry scaly skin on my breast…no where near the nipple, about the size of a small fingernail. Im sure i have had it before in the exact same place, so i wasnt worried, but last night i rubbed over it quite hard while laying down and felt a small pea sized lump.

I have quite lumpy breasts as it is and as im on the contraceptive pill dont get periods, it is quite deep inside and hard to find. My sister suffers with cysts and has had biopsies before i dont know whether to go to the doctors or wait a week or so to see if it goes itself.


Personally my advice would be go and see your GP and get it checked out, it may be absolutely nothing to worry about but you won’t know till you get it checked. You will only spend your time worrying so I think the sooner the better. I felt a lump in between xmas and new year and left it 2 weeks, it was still there so I went to see my GP, unfortunately mine turned out to be breast cancer and I am now under chemo, but I never left it too long and my prognises is very good. Honestly, you won’t sleep / get on with your life until you get it checked out. Bigs hugs and hope everything ok but please make that appt. XX

Hi Lisalou
Get it checked out, knoxy is right you will worry yourself silly if you dont and any lump should be checked, like knoxy I found my lump 5 weeks ago and mine was bc but bc is one scenario it could be a number of things early detection and treatment is best, so book that appointment with your gp please dont ignore it x dont forget 9 out of 10 lumps are benign, good luck let us know how you gt on

Janice x

To echo what the others have said, get it checked out with your GP. I started off my conversation with “I am not sure what it is but it is different” and my GP said that is all they need to know.

Unfortunately mine turned out to be BC but even though it was an aggressive form because I found it early it hadn’t spread - not even to my lymphs so I am now 18 months down the line, hopefully cured and back at work, with it a distant memory.

Remember, it is just as likely to be something else but for piece of mind you need to know.