Hi everyone, this is my first time to post, have recently been diagnosed, having had biopsies and mri scan, waiting to have my ct scan this week, then I start my chemo on Friday . The last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster ride. I am told the best course of action is have the chemo then the operation, but most people on here seem to have had their operations first. I do feel really scared about it all at the moment, the nurses have been good but I haven’t seen a doctor to discuss everything with yet. I live in Bournemouth on the south coast, if anyone is going through the same sort of thing, it would be great to chat.
Has anyone else gone down this sort of route, to advise me? I would prefer surgery first.
Thanks very much, Loraine xx

I had chemotherapy first (5 months of it) and then surgery. By the time I had surgery the tumour had shrunk from over 7 cms to under 2cms. I still wonder how they know the chemo is working if they do it after surgery?

Hi everyone,
I recently found a lump on my right breast (I’m a 50 yr old female) I went to the doctors three weeks ago and got a hospital appointment on Tuesday 10th April. When I attended they did a mammogram and then an ultra sound scan where they noticed the large lump was two large tumours so they performed a biopsy. The following Thursay (12th) I went back for the results and was told that the tumours are malignant but that they found another smaller one whilst examining the scan photos so I would need a further biopsy. The next biopsy was performed the following day (13th) and I am due to go back next Thursday (19th April) for the result of that and for a discussion as to what we have to do next. They told me it is an invasive ductal breast cancer which will need either a lumpoctomy or mastectomy.
I phoned the nurse today because I have been looking at various help websites and realised that I didn’t know the grade, she told me it is a grade 3.
Does anyone know if there is a way of testing to see if the cancer has spread to the lymph nodes prior to surgery?
Would the cancer have, in all probability, already spread into the lymph nodes?
I have read where women have had a grade 1 and the cancer had spread to several lymph nodes?
Given that the tumours are about 3cm by around 1cm (two of them are sort of joining together) is it a matter of urgency that I get them removed?
The hospital seem to be a bit slow (I, and the Doc performing the biopsy, are a bit perplexed as to why they wanted to scan and biopsy the other tumour, what difference would that make when they already had the other two results?)
I need to know whether every day the cancer is getting worse and growing and shouldn’t this be moving quicker!
Sorry for the essay guys - really need help and I’m very worried as we all are I’m sure.

Hi Debbie

Welcome to the BCC forums where you will find support and shared experiences from your fellow users. The BCC helpline is open weekdays 9-5 and Sat 9-2 on 0808 800 6000 and you may find it helpful to call to talk your concerns through.

I am posting a link to the BCC ‘Newly diagnosed’ web page where you will find further support ideas and information publications which I hope you find useful:


Best wishes

Chemo (or letrozole et al) before surgery is to shrink the main cancer and to mop up any rogue cells that may be somewhere else in your body. Chemo etc after surgery is mopping up rogue cells and protects your whole body - and they know it works because statistically it reduces recurrence/spread of cancer.
Well that’s how it was explained to me, so I hope it helps.
all the best