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I wonder if anyone can help. i went to the doctor last week after having had a lump for about a month. He said that I needed to get it checked out and I had an appointment come through the very next day. This alone worried me at the speed of the appointment ! Now that I am aware of the lump it I’m sure that it is aching and is tender to the touch ( is this normal ? )
What I would like to know is anyone has had experience of the John Radcliffe hospital in Oxford and if they can give results the same day. I really don’t want to be worried all over xmas.
Any advice would be gratefully received.

Hi Angie,

Sorry I have no experience of John Radcliffe, but don’t worry about the speed of the appointment. This is as it should be. When I went to the doctor’s, they got me into my local breast unit the following day.

When I was seen I had a mammogram, ultrasound and fine needle biopsy - I think this is standard procedure - and knew on the day that there was something wrong. They could tell me that the cells from the biopsy were definitely abnormal, but couldn’t tell there and then whether it was cancer or pre-cancer. I had to go back for that, but I knew on the day that I would be having a lumpectomy at the least. I would have gone back a week later, but was on holiday, so went back in a fortnight. Other friends of mine were told on the day that it was cancer - I think it depends how much they can tell from a quick look at the cells, rather than the detailed look that they do later.

HI Angie

I hav no experience of John Radcliffe but can only reiterate what RoadRunner has said. The speed is as it should be. I saw my doc on a Tues and was seen at local hospital on Thursday. Our hospital has a one stop shop breast clinic - I had mammogram, ultrasound and biopsy and received my results 20 mins after the biopsy.
My hospital were able to confirm whether the lump was cancerous there and then (which it was in my case).

I hope everything goes ok with your appt. Please keep us posted.

take care
Margaret x

i was at the Churchill, the breast clinic there…had to wait a week following the biopsy - although i knew really, i could tell by the doctors reaction to the ultrasound…


Time is of the essence and for your peace off mind it is better to have it done quicker.
I am form Scotland and i went to bc 1 day, biopsy the next and the consultant told me before i left the clinic they were 98% sure it was breast cancer, I was soooo glad they told me this because it was the Thursday before xmas. It wasnt the news i was expecting as the GP told me he was 99% sure itwas a cyst,

Best wishes to you Angie

Allison x

Thank you so much for all your replies. It has helped to put my mind at rest a bit. My appointment at the hospital is on Thursday 20th so I hope to know one way or the other before xmas. Will keep you posted.

Thanks again xx


How was your appointment? I hope that it went well. I went to my GP with a lump on Monday last week and had ultrasound and core biopsy on Christmas Eve but I dont get my results until 2nd Jan.

I hope all has gone okay, I can appreciate how worrying this is. Fingers crossed for you.