worrried after 6 month check up

hi all,had app.with my consultant thurs for routine check up. just the normal breast exam etc.sorry, should say i was dx march last year.IDC, 18 mm, no node involvement,er pos. 25 rads and the lovely tamoxifen.she had a good feel of breast and lymph, then said she wasnt totally happy as i had some puckering/dimpling of surgery area.had wle at 6 o clock on breast. i thought that the thickening/lumpy bits was scar tissue? consultant says she hopes it is and got me an app for mamm and ultra on tues rather than wait til may when im due for one. just starting to get the jitters now. any advice anyone? yes there are lumpy bits but doesnt feel any different to me? just the area settling down after surgery i hope.thanks for listening. alex xxx

scaring can often feel very lumpy. i found a lump i yr post mx and it turned out to be scar tissue was very worried while waiting for results. All I can say is that over 7 years I have had so many scares re cancer back and am now learning not to panic but wait for results
lol Louise

thank you louise. glad you are ok. im used to my lumpy bumpy bits but threw me a little when consultant got me a quick app.just got to wait til tues. alex xxx

a quick appointment is good you will find that they just wont risk leaving anything now. I’m having tests for poss kidney damage now

sorry, double post. my lap top playing up!

sorry bout that louise. is that chemo related? xx

Hi Alex,

I know we’ve texted each other but I thought I’d bump this up for you.

Hope all goes well on Tuesday - I’ve got everything crossed for you


Hi just to add that i had a lumpectomy end may last year and i am VERY lumpy .I felt really worried but got told it was scar tissue which could take ages to settle down .I hope you get sorted soon i know it can be a real worry xx

not sure if chemo related it could be as I have so many chemo related problems

thanks ladies for ur input. got a really bad feeling bout it but trying very hard to be positive alex xxx